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How to increase conversions by understanding human psychology

Although figuring out how your customers think and how they will react to your digital marketing efforts can seem like a daunting task, many human behaviours are reasonably consistent and can often be reliably predicted. Understanding a little about the following psychological principles can help catch your customers’ attention, draw them to your website, and convince them to purchase or otherwise interact with your brand. Read more

6 kinds of content for B2B marketing

Business-to-business marketing used to be all about face-to-face selling: trade shows, business lunches, and handshakes were the way to get deals done. But the new generation of business people is different - they’re digital natives, raised on the internet. Read more

Oscar ads fizzle on Twitter

Digital marketers failed to make the best of this year's Academy Awards ceremony, with observers this morning deeming the majority of tweets to be failures. After many brands capitalized on the social media buzz surrounding the Super Bowl earlier this month, hopes were high that some marketing gems would arise from this year's Oscars ceremony last night. Read more

Google Glass launch promises endless marketing possibilities

Everyone's excited about Google Glass this morning, as the search giant announced that its smartphone-like headset will come to market by the end of the year, and for under $1,500. The latest product demo video reveals a myriad of extraordinary functions, all accessed by the voice command "OK Glass." Read more

5 rules of online relationship building

Relationships are the key to your digital marketing strategy. Your brand interacts with peers, influencers, and potential customers every day online, and the way you nurture those relationships hugely impacts the success or failure of your digital marketing efforts. Read more

Study finds marketers not measuring results

Only 37% of marketers routinely gain insight from analytics data, according to the MarketingSherpa Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report that was reviewed by MediaPost . 46% occasionally make use of data, and 17% rarely or never do. Excuses for not making effective use of analytics information ..... Read more

Can Burger King make the best of their Twitter troubles?

Burger King is trending on Twitter this morning, but not due to any of the company's own publicity efforts. The fast food chain's twitter account was hacked not long after 9:00 AM Pacific time, when the hackers changed the account name and avatar to McDonald's and began a stream of offensive tweets that lasted over an hour before the account was suspended. Read more

Advertising Age: What's a 'Like' Worth? Ask Facebook's Graph Search

Facebook's Graph Search creates real business value for likes and check-ins on the social media site, according to Clara Shih at Advertising Age. Graph Search provides results to users based on their friends' preferences, which is likely to carry significant weight with searchers as studies indicate that friends' endorsements are highly influential in decision making. Read more