Brand Strategy Roadmap

A strong brand is not just a logo. It’s a positioning for competitive advantage. Your brand defends against commoditization and helps you dominate in your market category.

The goal of a Brand Strategy Roadmap is to make your company more valuable to customers, employees, and investors. Our approach is practical, hands-on, and backed up by research.

Our methodology facilitates discussions and achieves consensus among stakeholders. Workshops, market research, and interviews conducted by an objective third-party are often exactly what’s needed to motivate an organization to re-think their brand.

If your business is new or if you feel your brand needs renewal, let us work with you to create a brand that’s irreplaceable and irresistible to your market.

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Why the Smartt Brand Strategy Roadmap?

The Brand Strategy Roadmap delivers recommendations and guidelines that allow you to manage brand consistency across all customer touch points; this lowers rather than increases the cost of branding activities.

The Brand Strategy Roadmap works because it’s a business assessment that examines your:

Where is your brand going? What are your aspirations?
What do you want your brand to stand for?
What do you need to do to fulfill your vision?
What is your niche?
What are their hopes, needs, and pains?
What functional and emotional benefits do you offer customers?
What makes you different from all others?
Touch Points  
What are your customer touch points and how do you express your brand at each touch point?
Proof Points  
Why should people believe you?

Your brand communicates your vision and values to the market. We provide you with the recommendations, tools, and data to develop sustainable, consistent branding activities that grow your brand and make it more valuable.

What are the benefits?

The value of a good brand goes beyond customer recognition. Make your customers want to do business with your brand.


A strong brand can be your biggest marketing asset. The Brand Strategy Roadmap shows you how to manage brand consistency, lower branding activity costs, and make your brand a must-have for customers.


The best brands attract the best people. A good brand can reduce the cost of recruitment by 50% and reduce turnover by 28%. The Brand Strategy Roadmap delivers a strong sense of mission to improve organizational alignment and employee engagement.


Investors love premium brands that create barriers to entry for competitors. The Brand Strategy Roadmap gives you the data and tools to help investors understand your strategy, support your business, and increase your valuation.

What are the Activities and Deliverables From a Brand Strategy Roadmap?

Over the course of this engagement, your team will participate to define customer personas, positioning, the buyer experience, and other key information. We bring data to each workshop, so we add value to what you already know.

Collaborative activities

  1. Business Reviews
  2. Team Interviews
  3. Workshop #1: Who are You?
  4. Workshop #2: Who are Your Customers?
  5. Workshop #3: What is Your Positioning?
  6. Workshop #4: Buying Experience Map
  7. Final Presentation and Meeting

Smartt activities

  1. Preliminary Industry Research
  2. Current Collateral Review
  3. Audience Definition and Research
  4. Competitive Research
  5. Brand Pyramid Creation
  6. Brand Development:
    • Logo
    • Identity Guidelines
    • Brand Launch Plan
    • Brand Roadmap Presentation

Smartt’s approach of using the Brand Strategy Roadmap facilitated open, productive discussions. It gave us the confidence to proceed to the next step of web development because we had consensus on branding and long-term goals.

Yetla Hernandez, Columbia College

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How Does a Brand Strategy Roadmap Work?

A Brand Strategy Roadmap can take from one to two months. This is a highly-customized engagement; we don’t use ‘canned’ content. We develop workshop content and deliverables based on information specific to your situation. We make sure we cover issues relevant to your company, customers, positioning, and customer experience before we work on brand development. Outcomes from this engagement depend heavily on timely feedback from stakeholders.

  1. Your Company

      Preliminary industry research, workshop, and interviews focus on your company’s brand vision, mission, and values. We audit existing marketing collaterals. The questions we bring to the table at this stage often lead to productive internal discussions.

    • + Business Reviews
    • + Team Interviews
    • + Workshop #1: Who are You?
    • + Current Collateral Review
  2. Your Customers

      Workshop and analysis of market segments to develop user personas for branding. The process includes customer data analysis, secondary research, and if necessary, surveys and focus groups.

    • + Audience Definition and Research
    • + Workshop #2: Who are Your Customers? (User Personas)
  3. Your Positioning

      Competitive research followed by a workshop to develop a unique market position. We apply a mini-P.A.C.E. audit to your top competitors. The resulting brand pyramid expresses your brand essence and provides supporting proof points that form the brand blueprint for your company.

    • + Competitive Research
    • + Workshop #3: What is Your Positioning?
    • + Brand Pyramid
  4. Your Customer Experience

      A guided discussion that identifies customer touch points to understand when/where there are opportunities to reinforce your brand value, improve brand experience, and increase customer spend.

    • + Workshop #4: Customer Experience Map
  5. Brand Development

      Translation of your brand into a logo and a set of visual and messaging brand guidelines. These final steps deliver living documents you can evolve as your business grows. We meet with you one final time to discuss findings and recommendations.

    • + Logo Development
    • + Identity Guidelines
    • + Brand Launch Plan
    • + Brand Roadmap Presentation
    • + Final Presentation and Meeting

If you’re wondering whether your brand needs refreshing, stop wondering and talk to us about the Smartt Brand Strategy Roadmap. We’re happy to give you a free consultation and show you examples.

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