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The right IT infrastructure is essential to business success. Large companies can operate in-house IT departments but many Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) lack adequate resources to implement the IT systems and services they need. Equipment purchases, systems and applications software all contribute to set up costs. Recruiting qualified, experienced personnel is always a challenge and knowing when and how to upgrade systems is a constant headache.

Hosting and co-location services let SMBs gain a more level playing field.

Smartt is not a simple web hosting company. As a consulting agency with its own datacenter and a wide network of partners, we help companies address complex IT challenges and deliver hosting solutions that work seamlessly with your existing systems. We have the infrastructure, experts, and partners to help you:

  • Implement a dedicated or managed hosting solution on a VMWare platform
  • Ensure a reliable, scalable and secure deployment
  • Achieve high uptime with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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Who Benefits from Hosting and Co-Location Services?


Reduce risk, increase management productivity. Our professional datacenter and staff provide a physically secure environment, system security, and experienced technical support. Spend less time managing operational issues and more time on strategic ones. Free up IT staff to spend more time on critical projects and user support.


Reduce IT cost overall and get better value. UPS, backup generator, air conditioning system and redundant Internet connectivity are only a few of the requirements that makes an IT infrastructure expensive. As your business grows, our services allow you to scale affordably using the latest technologies and without adding staff.

IT staff

Focus on applications and user support instead of maintaining IT infrastructure. Managed services free up time for staff to work on other projects and create more efficiency within the organization. Deploy new systems with confidence when they are hosted or collocated in our datacenter.

Overall, your IT organization benefits from a datacenter that operates under IT Service Management best practices and experts who use ITIL guidelines to plan your implementation.

I have been dealing with Smartt for co-location and ADSL connection services for over 15 years. On the odd occasion that I've required technical support it's been great to speak with a local person who has actual technical knowledge - not some Level 1 support person sitting in who-knows-where and reading from a crib sheet. I appreciate the great service and keep up the good work

Serendipity Systems Network Integration

The Smartt Datacenter Environment

We provide a 24 × 7 Network Operations Center that monitors all mission critical network equipment and systems. The Smartt datacenter is conveniently located just minutes from downtown Vancouver. The datacenter is engineered according to highest standards in safety and security measures. We provide prime running conditions and reliable power supply for servers and network equipment.

Choice of Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting

Host your site on our reliable VMware platform, built on IBM and Cisco hardware.

UPS & Generator Power Backup

Our entire datacenter is backed by an on-site UPS and diesel power generator that ensures network stability, even in the event of a massive power failure in the local electricity grid.

Redundancy and Hot-Swappable Network Infrastructure

We use multiple upstream providers that allow us to automatically re-route data traffic to prevent network downtime. We provide full redundancy for Internet access with multiple points of peering.

Network bandwidth

Gigabit networking with industry-standard Cat6 Cabling.

Environment protection

Pre-action fire suppression and enhanced cooling system with AEAS (Automated Environment Alert System) that notifies staff of any temperature variations above 22 degrees Celsius.


24 x 7 escorted access with security cameras and access controlled environment. Our video surveillance system closely monitors our datacenter 24 x 7 as well as building exteriors. Access to the facility is controlled through a key card reader in combination with a password; all guests are escorted through the facility by one of our representatives.


Our mandate is to provide the best value for your business, so that you can have the speed and reliability you deserve without breaking your bank account. Have a look at our side by side pricing comparison for more details.

If you need secure and reliable hosting solutions, get in touch. We will contact you for a needs assessment, do a quick validation audit for power, space and network requirements, and then provide a quotation that includes a cost and benefit analysis.

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