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High Availability / Disaster Recovery / Offsite Backup

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High Availability / Disaster Recovery / Offsite Backup

Avoid downtime, recover your data quickly, and protect yourself against business disruptions. 

In today's highly digitalized business environment, any kind of downtime, data loss, or application disruption may have create a disastrous impact on your business. For as little as 10% of your hosting costs, you can have protection solutions that help you: 

  • Avoid downtime as much as possible
  • Have a managed Business Continuity Plan
  • Meet compliance requirements for backup retention
  • Avoid financial losses from high demand applications

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Types of Protection Available

Every business is unique; Smartt helps you plan and implement High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Offsite Backup solutions best suited for your scenario and budget level. 

Smartt offers affordable and right-scaled solutions for your business continuity needs, starting at just 10% of your hosting costs. 

  • High Availability (HA) Active running VPS / VPC in another geographically distributed datacenter, with managed real time data replication and service failover/failback. 

  • Disaster Recovery (DR): Cold Standby VPS/VPC in another geographically distributed datacenter with managed real time data replication (every 4 hours) and manual failover

  • Offsite Backup: 30 days of backups stored at a physically separate location, in addition to regular daily on-site backups provided with VPS/VPC service

Let us help you pick the best protection for your business based on your unique needs and budget. Talk to one of our friendly IT consultant for a complimentary discovery.  

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Why Smartt for High Availability / Disaster Recovery / Offsite Backup?

Smartt offers some of the most attractive protection offerings in the marketplace.
Clients often choose Smartt because of costs, free transfer, and our ability to do application customization.

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Most vendors require you to pay 100% of any additional resources for implementing HA/DR. We charge between 40-70%. Offsite backups cost only 10% of hosting costs. 

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Free Transfer

We also do not charge for data transfer bandwidth for off-site backups, unlike providers that charge for cross-regional transfers. 

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Application Customization

As a fully integrated firm, we have the in-house expertise to approach High Availability from an application development level - we can help redevelop your application to be HA compatible

High Availability vs Disaster Recovery

Our team works as an extension of your team to carry out one-time and ongoing activities required based on your goals, and situation.

Services HA/DR/Backup May Apply To
  1. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  2. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  1. RTO: Recovery Time Objective
  2. RPO: Recover  Point Objective
  3. High Availability (HA): Services are 100% available and a failure of one server will not result in outage
  4. Disaster Recovery (DR): Services and data are recoverable in a short amount of time
  5. Offsite Backup: Backups are stored in a location outside of the hosting datacenter
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Smartt's Hosting

They are amazing to work with. Staff are professional and knowledgable. It was great to work with them! Highly recommended!

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Pricing and Service Details

Be ready for anything. Our high-availability, disaster recovery, and off-site backup options give you flexible options to prevent or minimize disruptions to your business.

Service Model Price Includes Excludes RTO RPO

High Availability

(Active / Active Hot Standby)

50% of VPS/VPC Cost

VM, OS, and Middleware licensing, storage overages, and IP overages

Actively running VPS/VPC in another geographically distributed datacenter

Smartt-created and managed data replication and service failover/failback

5+ IPs on a .24 network advertised by multiple data centers

Excludes consulting work to setup, configure, validate, and manage content. 0 Minutes

0 Minutes

Disaster Recovery (Active / Passive Cold Standby) 25% of VPS/VPC Cost

Includes VM, OS, and Middleware licensing, storage overages, and IP overages

Cold standby VPSs/VPCs in another datacenter (not actively running)

Smartt-created/managed service failover/failback solution

Excludes consulting work to setup, configure, validate, and manage content. < 30 minutes
< 4 hours
Off-site backup (Active / Restorative) 10% of VPS/VPC cost

30 days of off-site backups (in addition to any local backups already provided in the Service)

  <4 hours  24 hours 
  1. Currency based on hosting location (CAD, USD, EURO) and exclude taxes.

Need Help?

If you’re wondering whether your business needs enhanced security or a disaster recovery plan, stop wondering and talk to a Smartt expert. We’re happy to give you a consultation.

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