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P.A.C.E. Digital Marketing Roadmap

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P.A.C.E. Digital Marketing Roadmap

Marketing managers often face the challenge of quantifying the value of marketing programs while their teams struggle to determine which digital tools and techniques to implement. This is usually because they lack the methodology to develop a Digital Marketing Roadmap. The Roadmap serves as an evolving blueprint that describes and measures marketing programs so that you can align resources to improve results and position for the future.

The Digital Marketing Roadmap sets priorities based on your company situation, customers, and competitors. We apply the P.A.C.E. framework to grow your revenue while leveraging the latest digital marketing best practices to create competitive advantage. Our cross-functional team assesses your needs and opportunities from business, marketing, and technical perspectives.

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What are the benefits?


focus on priorities
Focus on

Avoid unproductive work by focusing on programs and campaigns that meet your goals for the company, customers, and market position. The Digital Marketing Roadmap prioritizes recommendations so you can deploy your resources more effectively.

achieve measurable result icon
measurable results

The Digital Marketing Roadmap builds metrics and measurement into every marketing process so you can track the relevant data instead of getting drowned in Big Data.

Manage short and long term goals icon
Manage short and
long term goals

Track high-ROI activities and emerging trends to help you stay ahead of the curve and evolve to accommodate new opportunities.

select the right technologies
Select the
right technologies

Identify the best technologies and techniques for reaching your customers. Determine which technologies, digital channels, and platforms are actually relevant for your needs.

What are the Activities and Deliverables
from a Digital Marketing Roadmap?

During this engagement, your team participates in reviews, interviews, and workshops to define customer personas
and the buying cycle. We bring research data to each workshop and add value to what you already know. The final deliverable is a report
that documents your Digital Marketing Roadmap positioning, the buyer experience, and other key information. We bring data to each workshop, so we add value to what you already know.

  1. Business Review
  2. Team Interviews
  3. Workshop #1: User Personas Development
  4. Workshop #2: Buying Experience Map
  5. Final Meeting
  1. Preliminary Industry Research
  2. P.A.C.E. Website Audit
  3. Competitive Research
  4. Audience Definition and Research
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Hypothesis Creation
  7. P.A.C.E. Digital Marketing Plan
  8. Digital Marketing Roadmap and Presentation
People LOVE
Brand Strategy Roadmap

Smartt’s approach of using the Brand Strategy Roadmap facilitated open, productive discussions. It gave us the confidence to proceed to the next step of web development because we had consensus on branding and long-term goals.

- Yetla Hernandez, Columbia College -

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How Does the Digital Marketing Roadmap Work?

A Digital Marketing Roadmap can take from one to two months. This is a highly-customized engagement; we don’t use ‘canned’ content. We develop workshop content and deliverables based on information specific to your situation. We follow the P.A.C.E. methodology (Promote, Analyze, Convert, Engage) to ensure that recommendations directly address your business goals.

The Right Issues

Preliminary industry research, workshop, and interviews focus on your company’s strategic objectives. We also conduct a P.A.C.E. audit of your current digital marketing practices to identify weaknesses and opportunities.

  1. Preliminary Industry Research
  2. Business Review
  3. Team Interviews
  4. P.A.C.E. Website Audit
The Right Data

Market, customer, and competitive research to discover potential opportunities. Customer motivations and touch points are essential to defining the right plan.

  1. Competitive Research
  2. Audience Definition and Research
  3. Workshop #1: User Personas Development
  4. Workshop #2: Buying Experience Map
The Right Strategy

Based on our findings and your goals, we develop a set of recommendations, metrics and a budget.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Hypothesis Creation
  3. P.A.C.E. Marketing Audit
  4. Digital Marketing Roadmap and Presentation
The Right Plan

In this meeting, we discuss the Digital Marketing Roadmap and help your team set priorities.

Final Presentation

A meeting to review the Digital Marketing Audit Report. We want to ensure all your stakeholders move ahead with a common understanding of the report’s findings and recommendations.

  1. Digital Marketing Audit Report

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If you want a roadmap to effective digital marketing, talk to us. We’re happy to give you a free consultation and show you examples.

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