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Connect the Doc

Nadeem Kassam and his twin brother Nash wanted to create a web-based booking system to make it convenient for patients to find and book appointments with private healthcare professionals.

ConnectTheDoc would allow:

  • Clinics and individual practitioners to register with ConnectTheDoc to maintain online appointment calendars
  • Patients to use ConnectTheDoc as an online directory and booking system for finding healthcare professionals on short notice – or just find one

As entrepreneurs, the Kassams needed to understand as much as possible about every aspect of their business. While they did not expect to become software developers, they knew they needed to learn about development projects and web technologies. When they approached Smartt in late 2010, they found a company willing to take a partnership approach to working with clients. We were able to fill the gaps and offer the expertise that ConnectTheDoc required.

“Instead of just working through a project manager, we got to attend meetings with the entire design and development team,” Nadeem recalls. “They knew we wanted to learn about web development and they were very willing to share their knowledge with us. We got to listen to discussions on why or why not to do things a certain way. Smartt was flexible and totally transparent, which helped us get up a steep learning curve that much faster.”

ConnectTheDoc’s project entailed far more than building a website. We helped define the workflow of the booking solution, then translated the workflow into technical requirements for the development team. The complex project included development of the entire online booking system and all supporting mechanisms for registration and scheduling – as well as the creative work of designing a corporate brand for ConnectTheDoc.

“It was a complicated project with a lot of moving parts,” Nadeem says. “Throughout the project, the Smartt team provided us strategic business, design, and development support. They continue to do so today as we develop our digital presence to gain traction in the market.”

ConnectTheDoc launched in October 2011 and already has more than 100 clinics and healthcare professionals listed on the site. The software is working as the Kassams has envisioned. Users can schedule appointments with chiropractors, cosmetic/skincare specialists, dentists, massage therapists, and physiotherapists in Vancouver. The system can search based on location, preferred appointment time, and type of service needed.

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Digital Marketing

Data-driven programs and campaigns that create measurable results.
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Are you looking to build a web or mobile application?
If you are looking to build a custom web or mobile application, Smartt can help. Our Website Planning Roadmap can help you create a project plan that reduce development risk, which we can then execute according to our agile development processes. This results in a faster delivery with defects that are often associated with poorly-defined projects. Talk to one of our consultants today to get a high level range on the budget, timeline, and scope of your project.

Sierra Wireless

When Sierra Wireless announced its leading-edge AirLink GX440 4G LTE wireless gateway (AirLink GX440), the marketing team knew they wanted to follow up the launch with an online campaign - not only to sustain excitement levels but also to boost AirLink GX440 brand awareness and to drive sales.
devices screen
Sierra wireless logo

Patrick Sweeney, Director of Marketing and Business Development with Sierra Wireless’ Solutions and Services group, identified a key challenge when it came to driving demand for the new technology. The AirLink GX440 was the first fully rugged-certified gateway to support latest generation LTE high-speed networks, but Sweeney also needed to ensure that Sierra Wireless’ solution partners were aware of the gateway’s other advantages such as mission-critical reliability, flexible expansion options, programmability, and hosted remote management capabilities.

“We wanted to shorten the sales cycle by kick-starting awareness,” says Sweeny, “to do that, the campaign had to attract customers’ interest, address their pain points, and provide education as well as promotion.”

Sierra Wireless’ goals were to increase overall awareness of the new wireless gateway and capture potential sales leads. Smartt added a third goal to the list: to achieve return on investment on the campaign. We recommended an integrated marketing campaign that leveraged a variety of online resources. The centerpiece of the campaign was a customized landing page about the AirLink GX440 and call-to-actions for getting more information or contacting Sierra Wireless sales. To drive traffic to the landing page, Smartt proposed a series of eye-catching animated banner ads to run on display networks, augmented by Adwords on Google and social media sites.

We began with keyword research, but we also monitored results and recommended changes – such as shifting the media spend to sources that produced higher quality click-throughs, and broadening or narrowing the search criteria.

During the six-week campaign period, Sierra Wireless saw an increase of approximately 50% in contacts from on-line lead forms, a definite indicator that the campaign was delivering results.

“More importantly,” Sweeney notes, “in the months following the campaign, we saw a nice spike in AirLink GX440 sales. We definitely link that to the campaign’s contribution to driving interest, awareness and sales.”


  • 50% increase in sales leads

  • Increased product revenues

  • Increased visibility to target audience

Digital Marketing

Data-driven programs and campaigns that create measurable results.
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Are you looking for a B2B digital marketing team?
Marketing to a B2B audience is very different than marketing to a B2C audience, and SMARTT has the experience. From positioning products for channel markets to targeting tradeshow attendees with geo-fencing campaigns, we are experts at creating effective B2B campaigns that target decision makers and influencers at each step of their buying journey. Contact us today for a free consultation; we would love to hear about your project.

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