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Colocate your server in a professional environment with a blazing fast network. 

Sometimes your web applications or use case may require specific hardware requirements. Smartt's Colocation services let you place your hardware in a professional run datacenter environment with direct connections to the fastest available networks, so you can: 

  • Control your hardware choices
  • Choose your location
  • Have optional dedicated connections between your office and our colocation facility
  • Have environmental Control

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Why Do Companies Need Server Colcoation?

Clients typically use our Colocation when they want complete control and ownership of their hardware. 

Common Use Cases for Server Colocation:

  • Run Specialized Applications: Run specific applications that require custom hardware

  • Extend End-Of-Life Environments: Some applications may require legacy operating systems that are no longer allowed with cloud hosting services.

  • Create your own private cloud environment: Have the best of what cloud computing offers, without exposing your data to any cloud vendor platforms.

  • Control And Own Your Assets: Own your assets and have control over your budget and hardware capitalization. 

Smartt is a different kind of Colocation provider - we have a whole team of cross-functional experts and consultants who can help you achieve your objectives based on the unique needs of your industry and situation. We would be happy to initiate a discussion with you and see if we might be a good fit as your managed hosting partner.  

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Why Smartt for Server Colocation?

As a Total Service Provider, Smartt's Managed Virtual Private Servers work in parallel with our Flexhour servers to help you ensure, accelerate, and create results.  

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We have multiple direct connections with each datacenter as well as over 65 peering partners such as Akamei, Microsoft, Yahoo, Shaw, Telus, AT&T, and Alibaba.

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We have datacenters and additional point of presence's across North America in geographically disperse regions.

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White Glove Remote Hand Services

We offer white glove remote hand services if you wish to have us do the work for you. We also offer optional FlexHours services across our IT Consulting, Web/Application Development, and Digital Marketing services. 

Our Co-location Service is the only one of its kind in North America. For every 1 minute of unscheduled downtime, we compensate our clients 1% of collected fees for that month - that is how committed we are to providing a WOW experience and how sure we are of our Service.

1/4 Rack

$450/Month *
  • 10U
  • 300 GB Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbps Port Speed
  • 5 IPv4 Addresses
  • Unlimited IPv6 Addresses
  • 1 Network Drop
  • 7 Amp Power (110V)
  • Backup UPS

1/2 Rack

$800/Month *
  • 20U
  • 800 GB Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbps Port Speed
  • 13 IPv4 Addresses
  • Unlimited IPv6 Addresses
  • 1 Network Drop
  • 15 Amp Power (110V)
  • Backup UPS
  • 2 Shelves

Full Rack

$1,300/Month *
  • 40U
  • 2000 GB Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbps Port Speed
  • 29 IPv4 Addresses
  • Unlimited IPv6 Addresses
  • 2 Network Drop
  • 15 Amp Power (110V) x 2
  • Backup UPS
  • 4 Shelves


  • No contract
  • 30 day cancellation


  • Next business day
  • USA or Canada


  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • ITIL & HDI best practices

*Additional monthly services include: (1) bandwidth at $0.25/GB, (2) $50/network drop, (3) $30/Amp (110V), (4) $2/IPv4 address, available in blocks of 5/13/29/61. IPv6 addresses subject to availability. Monthly billing with currency based on hosting location (CAD, USD, Euro). Pricing excludes wiring costs for additional circuits or PDU's and setup fees.

Smartt Co-Location Catalogue

Category Component 1/4 rack - 10 U 1/2 rack - 20 U Full rack - 40 U
Service Package MRC $450.00 $800.00 $1,300.00
NRC $600.00 $600.00 $600.00
Cabinet Size 10U 20U 40U
Rail mounted Yes Yes Yes
Secure Cabinet Yes Yes Yes
Shelf 0 2 4
Network Network Drop One One Two
Bandwidth (GB) 300 800 2000
IPV4 address 5 13 29
IPV6 address unlimited unlimited unlimited
Port Speed (Mbps) 100 100 100
Multi home Tier 1 Yes Yes Yes
Data traffic report Yes Yes Yes
Custom Firewall Rules Yes Yes Yes
Power & HVAC Power 7 A @ 110V 15 A @ 110V 2 x 15 A @ 110V
Emergency Generator Yes Yes Yes
Back up UPS Yes Yes Yes
Smart PDU (8 outlet) Yes Yes Yes
Redundant Cooling System Yes Yes Yes
Support E-mail /Telephone 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365
24/7 access Yes Yes Yes
24/7 remote hands Yes Yes Yes
Network up time SLA Yes Yes Yes
Visitor Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
Client Parking Yes Yes Yes
Onsite Work Space Yes Yes Yes
Terms Contract Period Monthly Monthly Monthly
Payment Option AD-CC-Cheque AD-CC-Cheque AD-CC-Cheque
Cancellation 30 days notice 30 days notice 30 days notice
Additional Services IPV4 address $2/IP/month
Network Drop $50/Network Drop/month
Power $30/A @110V /month
  1. Currency based on hosting location (CAD, USD, EURO) and exclude taxes.
  2. 5% discount for 24 Month Term agreements when paid annually.
  3. IPv4 addresses may change if co-location package changed as a result of subnet change.
  4. Client assets must be standardized and compatible with local racks.
  5. Bandwidth and Power excess usage calculation based on actual usage in calendar month.
  6. Cancellation on M2M with 30 calendar day notice. For Term contracts of greater than 30 calendar days, balance of contract term due upon cancellation. Client forfeits any prepayments made for balance of Term.
  7. Late or delinquent payments will result in 2% monthly surcharge. Client responsible for all fees generated to pursue collection.
  8. Smartt can change terms of agreement, including cancel client Services with 30 day calendar notice.
  9. SLA: 100% uptime except for planned service events with 24 hours notice. Client eligible for chargeback of 1% total monthly revenue paid to Smartt per calendar month for every 1 minute of downtime, up to 100% of monthly revenue. Applicable for each SLA breach event, up to 2 per year. Client must request chargeback of Smartt in writing within 5 calendar days of breach. Chargeback void if client account delinquent at time of SLA breach (payment delinquency exceeds 30 days from invoice date). Chargeback amount determined by and subject to Smartt agreement.
  10. Support: E-mail/Telephone Support TTR (LOW) 8 Hours, (MED) 4 Hours, (URGENT) 30 Minutes.
  11. Smartt retains ownership of all cabinets, cabinet fixtures, network devices, cables, IP addresses, FOB's, badges and other items procured and provided to client for Term of Service.
  12. Smartt reserves the right to throttle, suspend, disconnect or otherwise modify client connection in event of: (a) active DDOS or other attack which impacts the Service for other clients or the Smartt network; (b) delinquency beyond 30 calendar days.

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