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Learn how to use Google Analytics to make data-driven decisions and optimize your advertising ROI.

Google Analytics Success is a 2-day training program designed to help corporate marketing teams bring ROI-oriented data and measurable insights into the boardroom. We will show you how to use Google’s powerful web analytics tool to measure, analyze and optimize all your Internet Marketing campaigns. The major theme of the course is how you can use the gold mine of data provided by Google Analytics to answer important business questions like: What are our most profitable marketing channels? Where should we be investing our marketing dollars for maximum return? How can I convert traffic into sales?

This 2-day course will give you the knowledge and skills to pin-point problems on your website, make consistent improvements and measure the return from all your Digital Marketing spending.

Who Should Attend:

Business analysts or web analysts

who want to derive insights from analytics data.

Web content owners, marketers and communicators

who want to optimize content and marketing effectiveness.

Marketing executives and decision makers

who want to maximize their marketing budgets for success.

Course Outline

Day 1

9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm

  1. Web Analytics Strategy

    How to grow your business with Google Analytics.

  2. The Analytics Mindset

    How to find actionable insights in your piles of data.

  3. Google Analytics Fundamentals

    Overview of technology and dashboard.

  4. Understanding your Customers

    How to decipher metrics and KPI’s.

  5. Content Marketing Strategy

    How to measure and improve user engagement and content consumption.

  6. Setting Conversion Goals

    How to setup and congure your first conversion goals.

  7. Understanding Conversion Funnels

    How to analyze and optimize your conversion funnel.

  8. Analytics Walkthrough

    Practical walkthrough of your analytics account.


Day 2

9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm

  1. Setting Up Your Dashboard

    How to setup the right reports and views to evaluate and improve your conversion performance.

  2. Integrating Online Media

    How to use Google Analytics to improve your PPC campaigns.

  3. Integrating Offline Media

    How to measure and optimize your offline marketing campaigns.

  4. Integrating Social Media Accounts

    How to track your social media through Google Analytics.

  5. Integrating Web 2.0

    How to use virtual pageviews to track Flash and AJAX.

  6. E-Commerce Sales Tracking

    How to measure and improve your conversion funnel.

  7. Website Optimizer Split-Testing

    An overview of A/B, Multivariate and Split Path testing with Google Website Optimizer.

  8. Useful Tools to Supplement Google Analytics

    Tools you can use to extend your Web analytics.

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Develop relevant metrics based on business strategy and objectives
  • Improve digital and content marketing efforts with analytics data
  • Track and measure current marketing campaigns
  • Protect analytics data integrity through filters and custom segments
  • Translate your insights into actionable recommendations for the boardroom

What People Are Saying:

Our marketing team was very pleased with the Analytics training we received from Smartt. The instructor was knowledgeable and professional. It was exactly what we needed to update our knowledge of digital marketing. What we appreciated the most was how Smartt always related Analytics data and functionality back to measuring results.
Kathleen Landry | Director of Marketing, Sierra Wireless

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