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Peering Policy

Smartt Peering Environment

Effective Date: December 31, 2009.

The Smartt peering environment is subject to change without notice. New peering opportunities will be announced as available and existing peering points removed if required. Smartt maintains an open peering policy and does not require peering partners to provide a signed Peering Agreement.

Peering Policy Requirements

Smartt requires peering partners to adhere to the following peering requirements:

  • Peering partner must maintain a 24/7/365 network operations center (NOC) which can be directly contacted by telephone or e-mail. The NOC must have a clear trouble resolution path for network problems or DoS attacks. A clear ticketing and escalation procedures is also required.
  • Peering partner can not be a current downstream customer or a downstream customer in the past 6 months.
  • Peering partner must be in good financial standing and have no outstanding balance due to Smartt.
  • Peering partner interconnect with Smartt must be minimum 100Mbps, preferably 1,000Mbps.
  • Peering partner must provision ample capacity must be maintained to avoid link saturation.
  • Peering partner must not configure a default, static or attempt by other means to route traffic to Smartt for which Smartt has no advertised route from that interconnection point.


Reviews and Reservations

Smartt may conduct periodic reviews of its peering arrangements and reserves the right to terminate any peering arrangement. This Peering Policy may also undergo periodic reviews and may be modified as required. The Effective Date provided at the top of this document indicates the latest revision date. Smartt reserves the right to suspend or terminate any peering arrangement for the above reasons or if traffic from a peer is judged harmful, illegal or otherwise disruptive to Smartt, its clients, other peering partners or upstream providers. Continued peering with Smartt affirms acceptance of any peering policy changes and this Peering Policy.

Requesting to Peer with Smartt

Parties interested in peering with Smartt can use the contact information below to arrange for a peering session:

Peering Technical Contact: Thomas Tran
Tel: 604.473.9700 Ext: 295

ASN: 30295
Company: Smartt
Approximate Maximum Prefix: 20
MD5: Optional

Peering available at the following peering locations:

VANIX • Vancouver, BC • and 2001:504:39::20


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