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Backup as a Service

Focus on your business without worrying about data loss

Many businesses know the importance of having frequent backups but do not have the manpower or finances to manage storage hardware and software. Smartt’s Backup as a Service help organization and IT teams: 

  • Save money by eliminating the need to maintain hardware and software
  • Retrieve data quickly from all supported servers and workstations
  • Meet compliance requirements for backup retention
  • Ensure backups are protected with cybersecurity

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Available BaaS Services

Smartt offers individual security service offerings and bundled offerings that address your backup needs.

Smartt's Backup as a Service offerings include: 

  • Rental Licenses:  A combination of Veeam Agents on endpoints or a Veeam Backup & Recovery server within their own-premise environment

  • Backup Storage: Backup Storage in our Datacenter Via Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Service Support:Smartt offers support with installation, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting

Let us help you pick the best protection for your business based on your unique needs and budget. Talk to one of our friendly IT consultant for a complimentary discovery.  

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Why Smartt for Backup as a Service?

Smartt offers some of the most attractive protection offerings in the marketplace.
Clients often choose Smartt because of costs, free transfer, and our ability to do application customization.

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Our pricing model is scalable and flexible, allowing you to pay only for what you need.

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Free Transfer

We also do not charge for data transfer bandwidth for off-site backups, unlike providers that charge for cross-regional transfers. 

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Service Support

As a fully integrated firm, we have the in-house expertise to help you configure backup jobs, monitor backup statuses, troubleshoot any backup issue, and report on your backup usage.

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Smartt's Hosting

I try to do my own research and talk to other IT professionals, but it’s always good to get that expertise applied to your own specific situation. I found the discussions we had with Smartt really useful, especially around how we could make our systems more secure and robust.

- DANIEL VAZQUEZ, IT ADministrator, TRG Group benefits and Plans -

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Smartt Backup as a Service - A La Carte Menu


Pricing: Depends on volume

  1. Clients can either use Veeam Agents installed on their endpoints, or set up a Veeam Backup & Recovery server within their on-premise environment.
  2. Licensed per endpoint being backed up (workstation, server, or VM)
  3. Backups can be stored locally (local USB drive, storage attached to B&R server) or pushed to Smartt's Cloud Connect repository
Backup Storage

Pricing: $100 per 1TB.

Backup storage in our datacenter via Veeam Cloud Connect

Service Support

Pricing: Time and Material

  1. Installation of software
  2. Configuration of backup jobs
  3. Monitoring backup status
  4. Troubleshooting backup errors
  5. Reporting on storage usage and providing guidance on managing space usage by altering backup jobs.

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