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In a global, 24 x 7 economy, a website is a marketing platform that must work flawlessly at all times for customers and the marketing team.

Today’s website is more than a few simple HTML pages. Proper maintenance requires regular updates and security patches to operating system software, applications, and anti-virus/anti-spam tools. There may be website changes that require design or development tweaks. A new marketing campaign may require set up and configuration changes. When you want online changes to happen quickly, you need responsive technical support.

With Smartt Web Services, your web infrastructure can support your marketing efforts in a timely manner.

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Who Benefits?

Marketing Director

Cost-effective, expert technical marketing support for your most important digital asset. Smartt Web Services maintains your website for optimum performance and a smooth user experience.

Marketing Team

Work more productively when Smartt helps with planning and logistics for new digital marketing programs or make design and code changes to your website.

IT Manager

Reduce IT workload and gain peace of mind. Smartt’s experienced resources always work in collaboration with IT departments to ensure compliance with operational and IT policies.

What’s Available from Smartt Web Services?

  Basic Web Hosting & Domain Registration Professional Web Hosting & Security Premium Web Hosting & Security

Domain and E-mail hosting

DNS, domain registration, webmail for up to 20 addresses, anti-virus and anti-spam, unlimited subdomains

Security Management

Updates and patches for core CMS, Plugins, Widgets, and Security Upgrades. Review community security notes daily.


Monthly Support Report

Summary of all work including patches, fixes, changes; plus recommendations for any security or website enhancements.


Internal/External Link Repair

Automatically flag and fix broken links.


Support and Maintenance

for content contributors and administrators; technical and design changes.


Telephone Support

Up to 24 x 7 x 365 for hosted sites. For technical staff and administrators (not end-user support).

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If you’d like your team to spend more time on marketing and less time worrying about website maintenance, talk to us about Smartt Web Services. We’re happy to give you a free consultation.

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