Marketing to Chinese audience

Marketing to a Chinese audience can be challenging if you aren’t fluent with the language, culture, or trends in Chinese digital marketing. To help you connect effectively with Chinese businesses and consumers, we offer the following services:

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Chinese Advertisements

Design and create customized display advertisements in simplified or traditional Chinese characters based on your brand messaging, products, or services.

Translate your English advertisements to Chinese.

Provide feedback on how to improve the results of your current Chinese ads.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

Create and manage campaigns for popular Chinese social media networks such as Weibo and Renren by customizing graphics, engaging with online users, and writing social media content. 

Chinese Website Content

Write content in simplified or traditional characters for your product, service, or landing pages of advertising campaigns.

Chinese AdWords Campaigns

Customize AdWords campaigns and audiences using built-in AdWords features. Develop an online advertising strategy to focus your budget on ROI and gaining qualified prospects

Chinese Mobile Advertising

Connect your brand with the huge segment of Chinese consumers with smartphones and tablets by optimizing mobile advertising for popular Chinese mobile social networks such as WeChat.

Chinese Market Research

Consumer behavior and technological advancements in the Chinese market change frequently. Our digital marketing experts research and provide insights so you can take advantage of the latest trends.

Chinese Facebook Advertising

Target Facebook advertising programs for Chinese consumers by leveraging built-in Facebook advertising features and developing graphics and social media content in simplified or traditional Chinese. 

Chinese Location-Based Advertising

Target location-specific or geo-based audiences, including prospects near your establishment.

Chinese Newsletter Creation

Create content for newsletters in simplified or traditional Chinese to support sales promotions, events, product launches, or news features.

If you have any questions about how we can help you target a Chinese audience using digital marketing, please to talk one of our digital marketing experts. We’re happy to give you a free consultation.

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