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Best Practices for Digital Transformation During and After COVID-19

Leading Best Practices for Digital Transformation During and After COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives and created many behavioral changes due to stay-home orders and social-distancing. As our behaviors change, so do business trends. This article will provide ideas and practical ..... Read more
5 digital marketing trends in 2018 cover

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can Profit From in 2018

Digital marketing continues to evolve as data, social media, video, and mobile technologies converge. Following SMARTT’s principle of providing the right solutions with the right timing , here are five current digital marketing trends that will impact the bottom line of your 2018 digital ..... Read more
whatsapp announcement - facebook ad placements

Facebook is Rolling Out "WhatsApp" advertising placements

In 2014, many were caught by a surprise when Facebook acquired WhatsApp and questioned possible monetization of the service. It looks like Facebook is putting their 19 billion WhatsApp investment to a good use. Turns out, Zuckerberg was in it for the long run – it’s all about the ..... Read more
how to track subdomain in google analytics

How to setup subdomain tracking in Google Analytics

How to setup subdomain tracking in Google Analytics Sometimes you might be in a situation when you would like to report data from your subdomain along with your main website domain. It could be, or or any other example. By default, Google ..... Read more

Google Rolls Out Location Extension for Display Ads

Google announced last week the rollout of the new location extension for Adwords. The new extension allows advertisers to include photos and information such as business hours and store location directly in an ad. The new feature was made available last Tuesday for both Search and Display Networks ..... Read more

14 Free Tools for Effective Online Market Research

Industrial espionage has existed for decades. Now it's not just for companies with large research budgets. Smaller companies with the right research skills can use the Internet to access much of the same information legally and inexpensively. Done right, online market research gives businesses ..... Read more

Words Decision Makers Love to Hear

As experts in B2B Marketing, Smartt is often asked by leading B2B companies and business professionals how to simplify or refine the value proposition presented in their marketing collaterals. They understand that even if their products or services truly do deliver exception value, they will not ..... Read more