Facebook Automates Video Ad Captioning

With more than 100 million hours of video being consumed each day on Facebook, it’s competitive out there. According to Facebook’s own research, most viewers don’t like it when video ads play automatically with sound. In fact, 80% of people react negatively. At the same time, most ..... Read more

Top 12 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Smartt has helped leading Canadian B2B companies execute digital marketing roadmaps that led to measurable sales improvements. Here are our top 12 real-world tested strategies we believe every B2B marketer should be using: Create targeted content based on the buying journey. The B2B buying cycle is ..... Read more

How Local Search Behaviour Has Changed. Again.

A recent study on how consumers search for products and services shows that while Google is still the 800-pound gorilla of search, consumers are using more information sources these days to make buying decisions. Local Search Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers, authored by ..... Read more

Creating Drupal Forms that Work with MailChimp

Skill level for content editors: Intermediate In an earlier blog, we wrote about integrating WordPress with MailChimp . A similar integration is available for Drupal. If you’re already using MailChimp and want to collect names via a form on Drupal, the MailChimp module lets you create signup ..... Read more

Introducing 5 Custom Affinity Audiences that Will Help Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) Improve Marketing Performance

AdWords Custom Affinity Audiences is a built-in Google AdWords feature that lets you create custom audiences for your display campaigns. For example, if you’re a local café, you can use Custom Affinity Audiences to create a custom audience by entering website URLs of other cafés. Google ..... Read more
Creating Dummy Content for WordPress Websites

Dummy Content for WordPress Sites

Skill level: easy Since we’ve published a blog about generating dummy content for Drupal sites , it only seems fair to do the same for WordPress and have some fun at the same time. There are a lot of plugins available for this type of function. Many of them let you add short codes to pages ..... Read more

The One AdWords Feature You Should Use: Customer Match

Google AdWords has recently released a new advertising feature called Customer Match that lets you upload a list of customer emails and target your ads to those email users. When users login to their Google accounts, such as Google Search, Youtube or Gmail, using those emails, you will be able to ..... Read more