SEO is a major component of any business’s digital marketing strategy.
24 Feb 2023
Are you looking to gain valuable insights into your website's performance and marketing efforts? Setting up conversion events in GA4 can help you do just that!
17 Feb 2023
In recent years, the introduction of AI and machine learning in the market has brought about significant changes in cybe
3 Feb 2023
Cybersecurity is a growing concern, and as technology continues to advance, so do the tactics that scammers use. One of the most common tactics is phishing - an email scam intended to collect personal information or money.
3 Feb 2023
In the last blog, we wrote about cyber security in Canada. Every small business needs to consider cyber security when setting up their wireless network.
30 Jan 2023
The Importance of Cyber Security in the Age of Cloud Computing The use of cloud technology has become increasingly popular among businesses in Canada, providing them with a cost-effective and flexible way to store and access their data.
26 Jan 2023
     Recently, we wrote about the increasing importance of personalization and customization in digital marketing.
23 Jan 2023
In recent years, personalization and customization of marketing messages and campaigns have become crucial aspects of digital market
20 Jan 2023
Just like in Universal Analytics (UA), Google Analytics allows for filters to be set up to include or exclude data based on your specific parameters. As with UA, GA4 filters are evaluated from the point of creation forward without affecting historical data.
19 Sep 2022
If you are new to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you may have noticed that your metrics look somewhat different between your old Universal Analytics (UA) and your new GA4 account. Here’s a quick overview to get you prepared for the changes, so you don’t get caught off guard!
19 Sep 2022

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