On May 19th, Twitter granted Google access to its data stream, a move that allows Google to index tweets without having to crawl Twitter’s website. This change is important to marketers because it increases the reach of tweets beyond the boundaries of the social networking platform.
15 Jul 2015
“Drupal is designed to support enterprise level security.”
8 Jul 2015
At the Cannes Lion festival in June, Facebook announced that the company is developing a new option for its mobile advertising platform.
6 Jul 2015
We all know that the version control system (VCS) a development team uses impacts efficiency and workflow. From a management standpoint, however, it’s also important to know whether a VCS supports your business requirements.
29 Jun 2015
If you talk to a web designer these days, you’ll probably hear the term ‘flat design’. This current trend in web design strips out 3D effects such as shadows and gradients in favor of clean, strong colors and purposeful use of typography.
26 Jun 2015
Digital marketing covers so many domains of expertise today that marketing managers find themselves obliged to be conversant with more topics than ever. When your Drupal dev team wants to talk taxonomy, don’t panic.
19 Jun 2015
Understanding your audience is a critical requirement in developing marketing content.
17 Jun 2015
Any system will slow down without regular maintenance and Drupal is no exception. Yes, there’s a lot you can do without touching Drupal at all.
10 Jun 2015
According to the recently published Mobile Audience Insights Report, 54% of consumers "shopped on a mobile device over a laptop before making a purchase" and 34% "preferred to use a smartphone over a tablet or laptop" in 2014.
10 Jun 2015
Website performance has been in the spotlight ever since Google made it clear that website response time has become an important SEO factor.
5 Jun 2015

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