Data backup is not the same as disaster recovery. Yet when we ask clients about their disaster recovery (DR) plan, too often the answer is: “we back up every night”.
28 Jan 2015
“The survey results suggest that many organizations are prioritizing execution above strategy in an attempt to get ahead of the rapid development of online platforms.” –
26 Jan 2015
SEO best practices have shifted to emphasize content. Google and other search engines have always tried to return relevant results and these days content marketing and SEO are interconnected.
22 Jan 2015
The digital marketing landscape is crushingly complex, even for large enterprises. The industry is short on technical marketing talent. Marketing executives are having a hard time building in-house teams with the right skills.
21 Jan 2015
A content audit is a major part of the P.A.C.E. digital marketing audit which helps you determine whether your content is optimized for search engine and aligned with your messaging and marketing goals.
20 Jan 2015
Google Analytics is an effective tool for generating valuable visitor data and providing information that helps you create actionable steps to improve digital marketing performance.
15 Jan 2015
Facebook has just announced Facebook at Work. It has all the same features you’re used to, except that: •    Your company has to sign up to give everyone access 
14 Jan 2015
With Pinterest becoming the third most popular network in the U.S. as of 2012, more companies are using the visual-discovery social network to reach consumers and improve business performance. To
14 Jan 2015
In 2014, at least three surveys stated that email marketing was the most effective digital marketing tactic.
13 Jan 2015
At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (Jan.
8 Jan 2015

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