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Why Mobile Visitors are Different

Mobile users represent an increasingly important customer segment. Understanding that they behave in distinctly different ways than desktop users is the first step to developing an effective search marketing strategy for mobile. Read more

Facebook Adds Call-to-Action Button

The new Facebook CTA feature makes it easier to create a CTA while maintaining a clean look. With only one CTA button allowed on the banner, businesses will need to decide on which CTA matters the most. Read more

The Checklist You Must Use to Create an Effective Home Page

Now that business websites are as common as business cards, you’d think that every website would follow web design best practices. Yet a quick and random survey proves that many companies have been getting by with the same website for 10 years. Websites, search engines, and very importantly, user expectations have evolved, and companies who put off updating their online presence are losing out on opportunities to improve their SEO, conversion, and user engagement. Many best practices now take place under the hood. Read more

5 AdWords Remarketing Campaigns Every Retailer Should Implement

Remarketing is an AdWords feature which lets you show ads to visitor who have previously visited your website. A major benefit of remarketing is that by engaging with users who have previously visited your website, you can encourage them to revisit your website and perform a specific action such as completing a purchase or checking out a newly released product. This engagement will help you improve client acquisition and sales. Read more