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Technology-based solutions are essential for your business. These solutions include things like: firewalls, endpoint detection and response solutions, secure email gateways, desktop anti-virus, cloud-based malware and spam filtering.
30 Oct 2019
Education institutions should review security protocols after a new report discovers the industry is particularly vulnerable. The education sector is the least secure of 17 industries studied this year, according to a report that analyzed cyber security throughout 2018.
16 Oct 2019
Small businesses face unique web security challenges, but there are simple steps you can take to protect your business. These mistakes are commonly made because small businesses don’t always make security a top priority.
30 Sep 2019
Smartt has helped leading Canadian companies create effective B2B digital marketing plans, from product launches to lead generation campaigns.
10 Feb 2018
Digital marketing continues to evolve as data, social media, video, and mobile technologies converge.
4 Jan 2018
In 2014, many were caught by a surprise when Facebook acquired WhatsApp and questioned possible monetization of the service.
22 Dec 2017
How to setup subdomain tracking in Google Analytics Sometimes you might be in a situation when you would like to report data from your subdomain along with your main website domain. It could be, or or any other example.
21 Nov 2017
Two days ago, Facebook announced an update to the Messenger platform on their blog. As much as this update adds some value to the customer, it is a much bigger deal for the marketers. We will discuss the extended functionality below.
10 Nov 2017
Google announced last week the rollout of the new location extension for Adwords. The new extension allows advertisers to include photos and information such as business hours and store location directly in an ad.
23 Mar 2017
Industrial espionage has existed for decades. Now it's not just for companies with large research budgets. Smaller companies with the right research skills can use the Internet to access much of the same information legally and inexpensively.
3 Feb 2017

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