Tutorial Using Views to Create a Drupal Blog

Tutorial: Using Views to Create a Drupal Blog

Skill level: intermediate One of the most frustrating obstacles for a newcomer to Drupal is that there’s no built-in blog. For anyone who is used to WordPress, it’s reasonable to expect a CMS installation that defaults to a static front page and a blog. Not so with Drupal. A basic ..... Read more

Realistic Dummy Content for Drupal Test Sites

Skill level: easy Developers, themers, and site administrators who need content for testing are all familiar with the indispensable module called Devel , which contains a dummy content generation function. This is the tool that creates pages of Latin text -- and those familiar and annoying color ..... Read more

Drupal 8 Arrives: Top New Features

More than a year after the first Drupal 8 beta release came out, there is a firm date for the official release of Drupal 8: November 19, 2015. It’s a major milestone in the Drupal world because Drupal 8 delivers more than 200 new features and enhancements aimed at improving ease of use for ..... Read more

Dynamically Controlling Widow and Orphan Text

Skill level: Easy Websites stand out when details are done right. There are lots of tools these days that help with the challenge of building responsive websites. There are templates and themes, plugins and Javascript. While all of these help you create designs and content that scale to viewport ..... Read more

Configuring CKEditor to Support Your Theme

Skill level: advanced Drupal admin In this post, we walk through the steps to set up predefined Styles for CKEditor so that users can format content using styles supported by your theme’s CSS. In a previous post, we covered some simple configuration and security settings for CKEditor that ..... Read more

Configuring CKeditor for Better Usability

Skill level: easy Drupal admin Most Drupal sites use CKeditor, the HTML text editor that provides WYSIWYG editing functionality to users. CKEditor is so popular that it will be included with Drupal 8. While CKEditor is pretty much install-and-go, there are some configuration tricks you can use to ..... Read more

Speed Up WordPress with Caching

Skill level: intermediate admin Website performance is contingent upon many factors. In a previous blog we discussed ways to improve WordPress performance by reducing image size . Caching is another technique WordPress administrators can use to reduce the time and bandwidth needed to get a web page ..... Read more