With more than 100 million hours of video being consumed each day on Facebook, it’s competitive out there. According to Facebook’s own research, most viewers don’t like it when video ads play automatically with sound. In fact, 80% of people react negatively.
11 Feb 2016
Smartt has helped leading Canadian companies create effective B2B digital marketing plans, from product launches to lead generation campaigns. There are some obvious benefits to digital marketing, such as lower cost to reach larger audiences.
8 Feb 2016
B2B companies know that even if their products or services deliver exception value, they will not get in the door with corporate buyers unless they can articulate value in language that appeals to decision-makers.
5 Feb 2016
Smartt has helped leading Canadian B2B companies execute digital marketing roadmaps that led to measurable sales improvements. Here are our top 12 real-world tested strategies we believe every B2B marketer should be using:
28 Jan 2016
A recent study on how consumers search for products and services shows that while Google is still the 800-pound gorilla of search, consumers are using more information sources these days to make buying decisions.
27 Jan 2016
Skill level for content editors: Intermediate  
22 Jan 2016
Skill level: intermediate, need some HTML If you're planning to feature one type of information repeatedly, a custom content type ensures that the information is always presented consistently.
10 Dec 2015
AdWords Custom Affinity Audiences is a built-in Google AdWords feature that lets you create custom audiences for your display campaigns.
9 Dec 2015
Google AdWords has recently released a new advertising feature called
30 Nov 2015

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