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To Start-ups Who Want to Improve Their Branding

Developing a strong brand image, establishing targeted brand position, and gaining brand equity are critical to the success of a start-up; the achievement of these attributes will help you gain the brand value you need to attract potential customers and convert sales. To help start-up companies ..... Read more

4 Facebook Advertising Features Every Business Should Use

With 86% of its active user-base consisting of mobile users , Facebook has emerged as an effective advertising platform to reach mobile shoppers. Facebook offers a number of advertising options. Before discussing these options, I want to cover the benefits of using Facebook status updates to ..... Read more
Use Easy Columns to create text with columns in WordPress

Creating Text Columns in WordPress

Skill level: Intermediate WordPress has been designed for ease-of-use, especially for content editors. “Easy” can be limiting however, when you’re using a theme that doesn’t support all the features you’d like. Text columns, for example, have become popular because of ..... Read more

Drupal Panels: A Tutorial for Site Editors

Skill Level: Intermediate In our last Drupal blog , we demonstrated how to use blocks in Drupal 7 when you want to show content in a different region or add a new ‘block’ of content to your existing layout. If your theme doesn’t support the layout and regions you need, however, ..... Read more

Git Version Control: Rewriting History

Skill Level: Novice One of the biggest wishes people have is that they could go back and change things, maybe take a different path. In life this is usually impossible but when coding it’s easily done with versioning software. My favourite is the Git version control system . Git gives you the ..... Read more
Responsive Web Design and Retina Displays

Responsive Web Design and Retina Displays

Skill level: intermediate A bit of history Responsive Web Design (RWD) is not a new concept. If you’ve ever visited a website on your mobile phone/tablet, chances are that same website looks very different on a laptop or desktop computer. Ethan Marcotte originally coined the term Responsive ..... Read more

5 Branding Best Practice Every Company Should Follow

A strong brand helps a company stands out from the crowd; consumers love brands that have a strong identity, trust the quality of the companies’ products, and believe in their superiority. How a brand is perceived plays a vital role in its ability to achieve success, regardless whether it ..... Read more
Drupal Blocks

Drupal Blocks: A Tutorial for Advanced Content Editors

If you’ve ever wanted to move content around or add customized content to your website’s layout, there are 2 main options familiar to Drupal users: Blocks – part of Drupal 7 core Panels - a contributed module This blog helps site editors understand how to work with blocks and ..... Read more