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Configuring CKeditor for Better Usability

Skill level: easy Drupal admin Most Drupal sites use CKeditor, the HTML text editor that provides WYSIWYG editing functionality to users. CKEditor is so popular that it will be included with Drupal 8. While CKEditor is pretty much install-and-go, there are some configuration tricks you can use to ..... Read more

Speed Up WordPress with Caching

Skill level: intermediate admin Website performance is contingent upon many factors. In a previous blog we discussed ways to improve WordPress performance by reducing image size . Caching is another technique WordPress administrators can use to reduce the time and bandwidth needed to get a web page ..... Read more

What SMBs Need to Know About Social Commerce

How often have you heard the words “social media is the new word-of-mouth”? In the digital world, social proof is a big contributor to brand credibility. When users post, tweet, or pin about a brand, they generate conversations within their social communities that have more authority ..... Read more

Two Simple Options for Speeding Up WordPress Images

Skill level: easy Big image files affect download speed. When a client brings up the topic of WordPress performance, one of the things we always suggest is that they audit their website for image size. Every time a visitor clicks to a page of your website, WordPress has to fetch the resources ..... Read more

What’s App Indexing and Why it Matters

This week Google announced the new App Indexing API . More to the point, Google announced that mobile apps implementing the new API will get a ranking boost. This is in addition to the ranking boost apps get when Google deep-indexes their content for mobile search . The App Indexing API allows ..... Read more

Keys to Success with LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a great platform for building your brand, especially if you’re a B2B company. This social media platform targets professionals, and has members who represent the oldest age demographic of all social media users: 51% of LinkedIn users fall in the 30 – 64 age range, suggesting ..... Read more

How to Integrate a WordPress Form with MailChimp

Skill level for content editors: Intermediate I’m a big fan of MailChimp. In a perfect world, MailChimp would build a WordPress plugin that gave you feature parity with the MailChimp app. Forms design, list management, bulk mailouts, and that funky chimp mascot. That’s not about to ..... Read more

Website Planning for Local Governments

Local governments have a long wish list when it comes to websites and no wonder. Businesses can optimize their websites to target a specific customer audience, but state/provincial and municipal websites must address the information needs of residents, prospective residents, tourists, business ..... Read more