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Digital Advertising Continues to Boom in the Advertising Space

Digital advertising is expected to account for nearly 25% of global ad spending in 2014. This forecast is mainly contributed by the astonishing growth of mobile advertising as brands are now using one of the world’s fastest growing digital devices to connect with consumers.
As brands continue to migrate to digital platforms, traditional media publishers will likely continue to struggle in the ad space. According to Marketing Charts, U.S. consumer magazines and newspaper publishers are expected to face a 1.3% and 2.9% decline in revenue by 2017, respectively. Newspaper publishers in particular will face a tremendous diminish in ad revenue as they’re expected to face a 4.2% decline in advertising sales. That said, traditional media publishers are trying to offset the downward spiral of offline advertising by bolstering their online presence and digital circulation. According to Adage, U.S. newspaper websites attained 100 million unique visitors last year and a 7% boost in unique visitors aged between 21 and 34. This will hopefully help traditional publishers gradually move their businesses to the digital space.
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