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Apple CEO Tim Cook is now on Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook is officially on Twitter. Cook published his first tweet this afternoon through his account @tim_cook to celebrate the launch of the new iPhone as well as thank the Apple customers who waited in line for it. Cook is one of many high-profile CEOs to join the social network this week. Others include Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Dell CEO Michael Dell.
According to Forbes, less than a third of top American CEOs are on social media. Only 32% of America’s top CEOs have an account on a social network while 68% have no social presence at all. This lack of social media usage limits CEOs’ opportunities to interact with fans worldwide. Additionally, CEOs are missing out on a perfect chance to humanize themselves and connect with consumers in a more personal level. This could possibly stunt their brands from improving their brand attitudes and equities. If you think CEOs should use social networks, please let us know in the comment box below.
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