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Microsoft tries to erode Apple Users' Brand Loyalty

Microsoft’s retail trade-in program is now accepting iPhone and BlackBerry devices, as well as Android phones and tablets. The trade-in program, which Microsoft initiated last week in collaboration with Clover Wireless (a private label for recycling electronic equipment), allows mobile users to purchase Windows devices in exchange of a reimbursement. Users can go onto the program’s website and see how much their phones are worth. Once they have ascertained the value of their phones and purchased a new Windows device, they can send their old devices to Clover Wireless and the recycling company in turn will send the consumers Visa prepaid cards.
The journey to switching Apple users to Windows customers will not be an easy one. According to Cult of Mac, Apple has the most loyal consumers as 56% of its customers are “devotees.” Devotees are considered as customers that only own devices from one company. (Microsoft on the other hand, only has 44% devotees.) Additionally, 91% of Apple iPhone users plan to purchase another iPhone for their next smartphone. This devotion was exemplified yesterday when several Apple fanboys were waiting outside in typhoon for iPhone 5s, 5c. With such robust brand loyalty, it’s highly unlikely that Microsoft can even slightly diminish the faithfulness of Apple consumers.
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