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New Mobile Privacy Tools Let Users Block Ads

Two companies are offering ways to opt-out of ads on your mobile device. Advertising Age reports that these tools from Evidon and Truste will enable you to disallow behaviorally targeted ads on your tablet or smartphone. These apps reflect a growing desire for user privacy on mobile devices, but present a challenge for the ad industry which wants to target audiences with the most relevant possible ads. Read more

5 Problems with Your Call To Action

Your inbound marketing campaign is in full swing. You’ve optimized your website, you’re writing a blog and producing tons of other content, you’re active in social media, and yet your website isn’t generating the sales or leads you’d hoped. It could be a problem with your calls to action that’s driving your visitors away. If you’re guilty of one of these common mistakes, resolving it can solve your problem and create real results for your online marketing efforts. Read more

Social Media for B2B Marketers: Google+

Welcome to the fourth and final entry in our Social Media for B2B Marketers blog series, where we've discussed how to set up company pages and begin building your brand presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+. Read more

eBay Enters the Ad Retargeting Marketplace

Not willing to let Amazon ascend the digital marketing hierarchy on its own, Adweek reports that e-commerce competitor eBay has entered the ad targeting game. eBay Marketplace sellers have long been able to promote their products to potential customers based on past purchase patterns, but eBay is now opening that capability up to other marketers as well. Read more

Canadians Love Online Video. Are They Watching Your Brand?

Canadians are the second largest consumers of online video after Britons, according to a comScore study reported by The Globe and Mail. The report found that we watch an average of 25 hours of online video per month via computers, connected TVs, and mobile devices, and that online video consumption continues to increase. Read more

Simple Tips for Google Adwords Success

Paid search is a great way to drive traffic to specific products or services on your site, or for those search terms that are too popular to compete on organically. However, as a small or medium business, you may feel that you don’t have the budget to compete for paid placements or you may think Adwords are too complicated to set up effectively. Read more

eMarketer Ups Its Mobile Marketing Forecasts

On the 40th birthday of the cell phone today, Advertising Age reports that eMarketer has increased its 2013 mobile advertising forecasts. Web marketing dollars are transitioning from traditional desktop to mobile ads faster than analysts had initially expected, fuelled by Facebook and Twitter's entrance into the mobile advertising market this year. Read more

Social Media for B2B Marketers: Facebook

Today's is the third entry in our Social Media for B2B Marketers blog series. Previous posts have covered LinkedIn and Twitter, and next week we'll finish our series with Google+. Each post covers how to set up an optimized profile for that social media platform and how begin building a social presence for your business there Read more