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How to Create Your Corporate Style Guide

A style guide outlines the correct portrayal of your brand in written and visual communications including your website, printed documents, email, marketing materials, and more. These materials represent your company and are the first point-of-contact most potential customers and partners will have with your business. Read more

CMOs Need Digital Focus

39% of CMOs say they are unprepared to meet their marketing objectives, according to a report from Accenture. Marketing Profs published an infographic of key stats from the report, including the fact that 1 in 5 CMOs is below average in quantifying return on investment and that only 7% feel they are leading edge in digital focus, despite 65% feeling digital is important throughout their companies. Read more

15 Do’s and Don’ts for High-Converting Copy

No matter how much promotion and marketing you do, if your web pages are not convincing you will fail to convert visitors into customers and leads. Part of conversion optimization is great web design, but what does the most to turn your prospects into customers is compelling copy. This includes ..... Read more

Email Marketing Delivers High Sales, ROI

Email is not dead. Although marketers sometimes forget about the original digital communications channel in favour of newer platforms, a new census from Econsultancy and Adestra found that 55% of companies attribute 10% or more of their sales to email marketing, while 66% say the channel delivers ..... Read more

5 Key Considerations for Mobile SEO

20% of all web searches now occur on a mobile device, and 73% of these searches drive valuable actions for businesses. Because mobile users are searching on a smaller screen and are generally on-the-go, it’s critical your site rank among the first few listings if you want it to be found by ..... Read more

Canadian Sellers Must Catch Up With International e-Commerce

Canadian retailers who don't offer quality e-commerce shopping are losing out to US businesses with better online options and prices, says a recent report by Forrester Research. The Globe and Mail reports that the study, which surveyed 1,103 Canadian online shoppers, found 25 percent of Canadian online spending already goes to international sellers, and that number is likely to increase. Read more

Twitter Opens Self-Serve Ads to All Businesses

Twitter has opened its self-serve ads platform to all US users, it announced yesterday via its Advertising Blog. Businesses who previously had to request an invite to gain access to the promoted tweets platform can now simply sign up and go. In spite of the increase in advertisers that will surely result, Adweek reports that there will be no increase in the frequency of ads delivered to Twitter users. Read more