5 Best Travel Apps for Remembrance Day Weekend 2013

5 Best Travel Apps for Remembrance Day Weekend 2013

With the long weekend coming up, we thought we would provide you with 5 mobile apps that will make your mini-vacation more relaxing and enjoyable. Whether you’re going to dine in downtown Vancouver or shopping in Portland, these applications will help you find the stores you want, pay for a parking spot that you desperately need with your credit card, and find the nearest gas station.

  1. Poynt

    This iOS and Android app allows you to find restaurants, businesses, theatres, offers, and events nearby. What’s more, it enables you to call and find map directions to these businesses, see showtimes of the movie theatres nearby, and reserve a table at a local restaurant. If you’re planning to travel to another city during the long weekend, this app will definitely help you find entertainment conveniently. Even if you’re just planning to shop in downtown Vancouver, Poynt will help you find restaurants that you’ve never been before or promotions from stores that may be of interest to you.

  2. GasBuddy

    Available on iOS and Android, GasBuddy enables you to find the cheapest gas nearby. While this app prides itself in finding the cheapest gas station close by, this application comes in extremely handy when users desperately need to fill up their tanks. Moreover, this app can be used if the user wants to find the nearest gas station convenient store to buy snacks, use the washroom, or simply take a break from sitting in a car.

  3. PayByPhone

    Finding change for street parking is a hassle for most people. That said, with PayByPhone, this will no longer be an issue. By downloading PayByPhone, you can create a PayByPhone account and pay for your street parking spots through the app. PayByPhone in turn will charge your account through your credit card. If you’re planning to visit unfamiliar cities, you want to install this app as it removes the need for carrying change around. PayByPhone is available in 32 major American cities such as Miami and San Francisco as well as 13 Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Calgary.

  4. Waze

    Traffic can be a majoy mood killer during a joyful vacation. However, with Waze, you’ll be able to maintain tranquility. By using Waze, you’ll receive traffic reports from other drivers, helping you find routes that are obstacle-clear. You’ll be able to find roads that are free from constructions, accidents, or any other hazards. Waze is especially useful if you’re travelling to a foreign community that you’re not familiar with. By using Waze, you can attain traffic reports from local drivers.

  5. Pocket

    While it’s pleasant to take the time to sightsee or shop during the long weekend, it’s also enjoyable to use the time to catch up on your reading. By using Pocket, you can read articles that you’ve saved previously. Pocket is a reading app that allows you to save or bookmark articles or other type of content (YouTube videos) in the app so that you can view them afterwards. By installing Pocket and saving articles prior to the long weekend, you can easily find articles that you want to read and read them comfortably on your iPad.


Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer

Leonardo Da Vinci
By going a mini-vacation this weekend, you’ll be able to relax you mind, breathe fresh air, and do things you wanted to do previously. By using the 5 apps above, you’ll improve the quality of your vacation as you won’t face any hassles caused by traffic or other impediments. 

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