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5 Best Apps and Websites for Digital Marketers

It’s difficult to browse through the vast amount of apps and websites and find the appropriate tools that satisfy your personal and business needs. Here are 5 apps and websites that’ll boost convenience in your personal life and efficiency at your workplace. Read more

Crowdsource Ads using Instagram

Brands can now cost-effectively acquire ads using SnapMyAd, says an article by Mashable. Businesses that are on-board with SnapMyAd, a free iOS app, can trade discounted products or events to Instagram users for brand-centric photos. Read more

Stay on Top of Negative Keywords

If you’re new to Adwords, you’re probably concerned about getting the right keywords set for your campaign – what are the most likely keywords a customer might type in to find your type of product or service? While you’re thinking about the right keywords, also think about the wrong keywords, the negative keywords. Read more

Does Your Bounce Rate Suck? Segment and See

Ah, the mysterious Bounce Rate. Here’s the official definition from Google Analytics: Bounce rate is the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site. In other words, the percentage of visitors who came, looked at one page, and left. Read more