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AdWords Calls to Conversions Feature Unveiled: How Marketers can Leverage It

Starting today, phone calls from mobile click-to-call ads can be track through AdWords accounts. These phone calls will appear in the Conversion columns in AdWords and can be used with automated bidding products such as Conversion Optimizer. Moreover, calls from mobile and desktop ads will be included in “Estimated Total Conversions,” a new column that gives you the full value of your AdWords advertisements.
Currently, this new feature is only be available in the U.S., UK, Germany, and France.
Here’s how marketers can leverage AdWords’ Calls to Conversions function:
  1. Measure your mobile advertising performance more precisely

    By using this new feature, you can directly identify the relationship between you mobile advertisements and conversion rates. This enables you to juggle between several mobile advertisements and determine which ad copy generates the most calls and sales. Moreover, it enables you to assess which keywords are the most effective in trigging your adverts and producing sales. Additionally, it allows you to determine which time of the day generates the most calls and conversions. This in turn can help you optimize your other digital advertising campaigns.

    For instance, if you discover that a majority of the calls from your mobile advertisements occur between 11am and 1pm, you can use this information to promote your web content or products or services through other digital channels. By gaining this information, you can tweet or post Facebook status update regarding your blog article or offering during the same time period, as that’s when your target audience is likely engaged online.

  2. Optimize your cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

    Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is a bidding strategy that automatically sets bids to help you attain as many conversions as possible while meeting your average cost-per-acquisition goal. Hence, by integrating Calls to Conversions function with cost-per-acquisition, you can maximize your sales through phone calls while keeping your advertising costs at minimal.

    This function is especially useful for small and medium enterprises (SME) as they often have restricted advertising budgets. Additionally, they frequently have limited man-power, making manually running advertising campaigns highly difficult. That said, by using Calls to Conversions with CPA, SMEs can set a daily advertising budget and allow AdWords drive sales calls for them.

    While this new release is extremely useful to increase conversion, it may not be optimal to enhance brand awareness. If you want to boost your brand exposure, you want to use the Maximize Clicks bid strategy to obtain as many clicks as possible. This enables you to let more consumers acknowledge you brand and in turn, increase your chance of converting more shoppers into customers.

AdWords’ Calls to Conversions feature further improves the potency of mobile advertising. By using this newly released service, advertisers can examine their mobile advertising performance even more precisely. Moreover, it enables marketers to obtain valuable information such as when consumers are most likely to call and make a purchase. This in turn can help advertisers come up with enhanced digital strategies that will best target their consumers.