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6 Signs Your Company Is Ready for Digital Marketing

While digital media is on the rise, many companies are still unsure if they should dive into the digital world. To help companies to make this tough decision, we’ve come up with 6 signs business have when they’re ready for digital marketing:

  1. When traditional media can’t reach your target audience

    Compared to digital media, traditional marketing mediums such as radio, billboard, and newspaper are geographically restricted. These advertising channels can only reach consumers at a specific location. Not only that, they’re extremely passive. Traditional ads such as billboards can only promote products or services when a customer walks by the ad copy and actually looks at it. That said, during times when there aren’t any consumers nearby or looking at the ad, the advertisement creates zero impact to the audience. Conversely, digital media delivers your brand message directly to your audience through digital channels such as mobile ads, AdWords campaigns, or social media advertisements.

  2. When your consumers are all online

    According to Toronto Star, Canadians spend an average of 41 hours per month online. Also, amongst the 25.5 million Canadian Internet users, nearly every one of them accesses the Internet daily. To meet this profound digital trend, it’s imperative for businesses to strengthen their web presence. You can bolster your online exposure by creating a navigation-friendly website, relevant web content, and intriguing social media content. This will help you shape your consumers’ brand attitudes and increase their conversion rates.

  3. When most of your consumers are visiting your website through mobile devices

    Today, 46% of searchers use their smartphones or tablets to exclusively research. To ensure your audience is receiving an astonishing mobile experience, you can use responsive web design. According to Mashable, responsive web design is technologies that “use media queries to figure out what resolution of device it's being served on. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen. If you're viewing this article on a desktop browser, for example, try making your browser window smaller. The images and content column will shrink, then the sidebar will disappear altogether.” By using this web design feature, you’ll be able to optimize your website experience for mobile usage.

  4. When traditional advertising just costs too much

    Traditionally, when a company wants to place an advertisement on a magazine or newspaper, it has to examine the publisher’s media kit in order to determine the prices. Often, the prices can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the reputation and circulation of the publication. This in turn has frequently put a hole in many companies’ pockets. That said, with the uprise of today’s digital media, companies can run their advertising campaigns cost-effectively in-house. All they have to do is set up an AdWords account, a few social media pages, and a couple of analytics tools such as Sprout Social and they’ll be able to promote their brand to millions of consumers across the world.

  5. When you want to gather more consumer data

    By implementing your Google Analytics code to your website, you’ll be able to gather a boatload of consumer data. You can determine your consumers’ bounce rates, conversion rates, traffic sources, and other invaluable data that will help you improve your marketing performance. Moreover, you’ll be able to know exactly how you should change your website content, social media initiatives, and other digital marketing campaigns so that can be more engaging and interactive with your audience.

  6. When you want to measure your marketing performance precisely

    With digital tools such as HootSuite,, and Sprout Social, you’ll be able to examine your marketing performance precisely. You’ll be able to determine your ads’ click-through rates, impressions, and other metrics that enables you to assess your digital efforts. Traditional media on other hand doesn’t give you such detailed information. When you place a newspaper ad, you can’t accurately determine how many people have seen your ad or when people have viewed your advert. This completely deters you from effectively assessing the positive returns of your advertising efforts.

When companies contemplate if they should start using digital media, the answer is fairly simple: do it. By using digital media, businesses will attain an array of benefits that they couldn’t obtain with traditional advertising. This in turn can help them foster the growth of their business and expand their network tremendously.