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Marketers Not Optimizing Their Digital Efforts

53% of companies spend less than 5% of their marketing budgets on optimization and 86% spend less than 15%, according to the Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey. Econsultancy reports the study received over 1,800 responses from digital marketers around the world and found that, while few marketers are focused on optimization, those who are reap the benefits. Read more

10 Things Wrong with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Very few businesses can survive these days without some sort of digital presence. The average Canadian spends over 40 hours a week online, doing everything from chatting on social media to reading articles that interest them, researching an upcoming purchase or finding a place to go for lunch. Business buyers are online, too. Read more

Web Design for SEO

Last week we published a blog post titled The New SEO is Good Content . Since then, a few people have pointed out that, although good content is essential, site design plays a role in SEO rankings as well. This is very true. Just as Google’s new algorithms reward high quality, authentic ..... Read more

Consumers Want a Seamless Brand Experience

49% of consumers say the best improvement to their shopping experience would be better integration between in-store, online, and mobile, according to a study by Accenture reported by . Consumers want a seamless experience across all channels including pricing, promotions, and inventory, but ..... Read more