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Getting The Best From Your Marketing or Web Design Agency

After reading Rachel Thexton of Dunn Public Relations’ (whom we interviewed) piece on how clients can get the best from their PR agency, we thought we could share our insights on how companies can attain the maximum results from their digital marketing agency.
  1. Set measurable results

    In God we trust; all others must bring data

    W. Edwards Deming

    As a business, your entire organization is built on numbers. Whether it’s your return on investment (ROI) or profit margin, your business must use stats to examine your company’s performance. In digital marketing, it’s no different. By defining measurable goals such as increase conversion rate by 5% in 8 months or decrease bounce rate by 2% in 7 months, your company can set quantifiable goals that you want your marketing or web design agency to achieve. This allows you to clearly asess if the agency has achieved your goal. (Check out our article Web Design for SEO to see whether your outsourced marketing agency is following the suggested best practices.)

  2. Request your marketing or web design agency to integrate creativity with technicality

    While extraordinary creative designs are effective in impressing the audience and capturing their attention, it’s through the integration of creative design and digital implementations will your company be able to entice today’s digital-savvy consumers. For instance, while a beautiful, vivid website can intrigue many consumers, it’s the various technical SEO factors such as meta tags, page speed, and information architecture that will help your website rank highly on search engines. Without such implementations, regardless of how astonishing your website is, you won’t attract more customers.

  3. Ask for insights, not reports

    Asking your marketing or web design agency to define the meaning of each figure or stat in your report allows you to understand the different areas your business has to improve on. For instance, if your report shows that 67% of your shoppers leave your shopping cart on the third page of the cart, it means that either your shopping page is too long or you’re requesting too much customer information. To overcome this impediment, you can either reduce the length of your shopping cart or lessen the amount of customer details requested on the checkout pages. That said, these actions can only be performed if the marketing or web design gives you insights on the reports.

  4. Request your marketing or web design agency to conduct research on your industry

    Every industry is different from each other and your marketing or web design agency has to research on your field in order to come up with tactics that best suit your industry. For instance, if you’re in the fashion apparel industry, your marketing or web design agency should do a research on the history of the fashion apparel space in the last 10 years, what the trend is in the next 20 years, and the population growth of the target market. Only by conducting such a comprehensive research on your field will your marketing or web design be able to create web strategy that optimally targets your consumer market.

Marketing and web design are two vital elements to a company’s success today. By working with a diligent, creative marketing or web design agency, you’ll be able to partner with specialists that understand the different digital tools that can effectively target today’s consumers. That said, in order to vehemently promote your products or services to your consumers, you have to demand your agency to give you measurable results and actionable insights so that you can examine and impose your performance.
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