Why a Consulting Agency?

We deliver Measurable Results

"The campaign was so effective that one of our channel partners asked us to introduce them to Smartt…"

- Sierra Wireless

We help businesses align their priorities

"Smartt’s approach of using the Brand Strategy Roadmap facilitated open, productive discussions."

- Columbia College

We understand cross-functional impacts

"Another agency probably could have built a nice website, but Smartt delivered a fully-branded online presence that contributes to my business success.”"

- Karlene Karst

We take a partnership approach

"They were very willing to share their knowledge with us. Smartt was flexible and totally transparent."

- Connect the Doc

Why choose Smartt?

  • I try to do my own research and talk to other IT professionals, but it’s always good to get that expertise applied to your own specific situation. I found the discussions we had with Smartt really useful, especially around how we could make our systems more secure and robust.

    Daniel Vazquez, IT Administrator

  • We’ve been impressed by Smartt. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. It’s been a positive, very comfortable working relationship all around.

    Jean Mill, CFO and General Manager

  • No company has provided the support and response that we have experienced the way Smartt has. Due to their professional and reliable service we have recommended Smartt to various customers who are less than pleased with their national service providers.

    Patrick Brehm, President

  • We achieved top ranking in all Vancouver moving related keywords on Google. The new business generated from website increased from 3% to 18%, and the company tripled its staff from 15 to 45 employees to deal with the increase in business.

    Lorne MacInnes, President

  • They provided an accurate estimate of time and cost for website enhancements and I got to preview on a test site. Whenever I log a problem, someone gets back to me right away. I’ve got lots of confidence in them and I’m happy with their service. It’s why I stay with Smartt.

    Jeff Lolacher, Director

Our Clients

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