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How Brands Can Benefit From Google+'s Growing Community

Google+ is slowly catching up to Facebook in the social media race. Vic Gundotra, Google’s VP of Engineering, announced today Google+ now has over 540 million active users worldwide with 300 million active users in the stream alone. Moreover, there are 1.5 billion photos being uploaded onto Google+ each week. Although there’s still a gap between Google+’s user-base and Facebook’s 1.15 billion users, Google+ has already passed Twitter’s 218 million monthly active users.
To continue its growth, Google+ is expected to release 18 new features later today. The new features will include Auto-Awesome for Videos tool and enhanced photo search and editing functionalities.
Here’s how brands can take advantage of the growth of Google+:

  1. Strengthen your Google+ community

    With Google+ continue to gain popularity, it’s worthwhile for you to invest time and resources on your Google+ account. By acquiring new followers, you will have an additional channel aside from Facebook to promote your brand to millions of consumers worldwide. Moreover, you’ll be able to enhance your brand awareness and gain mind share as you’ll appear on all major social networks and make your brand more visible to consumers. Moreover, by investing in your Google+ community and possibly gaining more followers and increasing engagements, you’ll be able to improve your SEO. According to a Moz study, the number of +1 you have on Google + is strongly correlated with your search ranking. In fact, Google+1 is more correlated to your search ranking than # of linking root domains and Facebook shares, likes, and comments.

  2. Share community-images often

    Aside from using Google+ to boost your SEO ranking dramatically, you can also use the Google-powered social network to increase brand loyalty and enhance your brand image. By frequently sharing community or social photos such as images of your company volunteering at a local fundraising event or photos of your team at your office, you’ll humanize your brand. This will make your audience feel more engaged and attached with your brand as they’ll see your company as a fun-loving, highly-spirited team as opposed by  a bureaucratic corporation.

  3. Create and distribute textual content

    Regardless of all the changes in the digital world, content is still king. By frequently writing blog posts and sharing them on Google+, you will be able to continue to build a strong voice in your industry. This will allow you to nurture strong relationships with your audience as you’ll be creating content that can help them one way or another. This in turn will help you enhance your customers’ brand loyalty, improve your brand image, and most importantly, increase your SEO ranking. By frequently sharing content, you’ll be able to increase your likelihood of receiving social shares, comments, and ultimately, +1s.

Though Google+ is still relatively small compared to Facebook, it’s on the rise. For advertisers, this means that they should start planning how they should leverage this social platform effectively to benefit their SEO ranking. By effectively using Google+, companies will be able to expand their customer-base significantly and explore new market that they couldn’t enter before.