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Unraveling The Secret Of Writing An Effective Sales Email

The first sentence of your sales email is the most crucial. This is where the reader contemplates if they want to continue to read your message or dump it in their junk box. Though many copywriters and marketers understand the importance of a powerful lead sentence, many of them often encounter a writer’s block when writing such sentences. Here are 5 ways that can help you write a compelling lead sentence:


  1. Define the offer

    You can state your offer clearly in your lead sentence to capture your audience’s attention. The offer should showcase the product for sale, its regular and discounted price, as well as the terms of the discount. This can effectively push your consumers across the sales funnel as you’re vehemently offering a valuable benefit in the introductory sentence. Moreover, you can emphasize terms such as free by capitalizing and enlarging these key terms to effectively acquire your readers’ focus.

  2. Make an announcement

    You can display your new product release or feature in your lead sentence to attract your audience. You can use terms such as at last, finally, it’s here, or just arrived to amplify the importance and value of your new product or feature. An example would be Google Partners is here at last.

  3. Share a story

    Rejection after rejection, I simply couldn’t get my newly developed IT software out the door. Despite my efforts to promote the IT software through social media, my sales remained zero. Just when I was about to fold, I met this marketing executive named Chris Walter at a networking event. Chris had a comprehensive understanding of today’s marketing trends and understood my frustration. After numerous consulting sessions and working tirelessly on business for the next 3 years, Chris was able to educate me on the different digital trends today as well as ways to use various digital channels to get my product into the hands of consumers. After working tirelessly on my business for the next three years and continuously seeking advice from Chris, my company now makes $750,000 in revenue."


    This is the story of Jack Smith, our client. If you want to become like Jack, please take a look at our marketing services and let us know how we can help you.


    By telling a story, you can bridge your sales pitch with your consumer needs. This can increase your audience’s engagement with your brand as you’re using emotional-appeal to connect with your consumers.

  4. Compliment your audience

    Flattering your readers can encourage them to develop a positive view towards your brand. This in turn can increase your chance of convincing them to purchase your products or services. A good way of complimenting your audience is by making them feel special. You can do so by telling them that only a special group of customers are permitted to receive your email. This will give them an ego-booster and subsequently make them more likely to become customers.

  5. Make a bold statement

    You can use statements regarding startling news, statistics, or something unprecedented to arouse your audience’s curiosity. Statements such as “Apple is now dead” and “Throw away your AdWords account, Facebook ads are here to stay” are examples of outrageous statements that differ from other advertisements and can capture your readers’ attention. Other statements such as “9 in 10 startups in Vancouver will go bankrupt in the first 18 months” and “4 out of 10 employees will lose their jobs in the next 6 months” are prime examples of statements that use startling stats to grasp people’s focus. In addition, these statements use fear appeal to connect with the audience.


By using an effective lead sentence, you’ll be able to capture your target market’s focus and make them interested in your products or services. This will help you encourage your audience to continue to read your body copy and eventually purchase your goods or services. This in turn will allow you to achieve the ultimate goal of your sales email: sell your products.