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Bing & Google: Which One is Better for Advertisers?

Bing Ads and Google AdWords are two popular platforms for paid search marketers. Here are the advantages of each platform:

Advantages of Google AdWords

  • Google is the world’s most popular search engine, allowing your ads to appear to a wider demographic.
  • If you are marketing to specific ethnic groups, Google AdWords grants you over 40 language options for campaign targeting while Bing Ads only offers 6.
  • With Google, you can select far more geography-based targeting options than with Bing.
  • Use Google AdWords if you want to select specific hours of the day for optimal targeting. Bing Ads on the other hand only allows advertisers to select pre-set blocks of 5 hour intervals for targeting.
  • Google allows CPA bidding while Bing Ads do not.

Advantages of Bing Ads

  • The competition is tremendously lower on Bing than Google AdWords, reducing Bing’s cost per click. Additionally, it is very easy and quick for you to import your existing AdWords campaign definitions into your Bing Ads account. You can import your Google campaigns directly into Bing account and test your website, keywords, and campaign.
  • Bing is the default search engine pre-installed on many people's browsers (Internet Explorers).
  • Bing receives favorability from the senior crowd, a highly profitable consumer market.
  • Bing allows 40 characters for ad titles while Google's only enables 25. If your brand or ad has a long title, Bing is definitely more suitable to you.


What is your own experience with the two platforms? Let us know in the comments!