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Google Goes Local With Its Product Listing Ads

Google has announced two new local features for product listing ads (PLAs) to a limited number of local U.S. stores. Now when people search for a product on Google, they may see a Product Listing Ad for a local store and by clicking on the ad, Google will take them to a brand new “local storefront” where they can browse items in the store’s inventory before visiting in person. The features will work on both desktops and smartphones.

Here’s how the new features may impact retailers:

  1. Sell more locally.

    Not all consumers want to pay for shipping or wait for their orders to come. With Local Availability, searchers can find what local retailers have available in their stores, and at what price. Retailers that take advantage of this feature may see more traffic to their retail stores if their prices are competitive locally.

  2. Tap into a larger network.

    The new local features will also help retailers leverage the scale of Google Shopping to market items sold in their physical stores. A consumer who searches for a product on Google may decide to buy the product locally if they see an attractive ad that shows the product as available nearby.

  3. Closer integration between e-commerce and physical store. 

    Many e-commerce sites cannot display in-store inventory counts due to IT restrictions. Google’s offering may become a cost-effective alternative for companies that do not wish to invest in an e-commerce platform that is integrated with their inventory system.

Product Listing Ads and the local storefront are currently only working with a select number of retailers in the US, but you can learn more about signing up as the service expands in the coming months.