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Microsoft Unveils the Surface Pro 2

Microsoft surface pro 2
Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 2 today. The new tablet has a 75% improvement in battery life, making the device highly practical for heavy users. Additionally, the Surface Pro 2 has four UPS Ports and a modified kickstand that allows users to adjust it in different positions.
With the advent of the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft hopes to expand its market share in the tablet space. In the second quarter of 2013, Microsoft attained merely 2% market share in the tablet market, making its presence microscopic compared to Android’s 28.2% and iOS’s 14.6%. Additionally, the rollout of the Surface Pro 2 will hopefully help Microsoft further ride the enormous trend for mobile devices. According to Business Insider article, the sales of smartphones and tablets will outsell PCs by 2015. IDC has also testified to this forecast by predicting the shipments of tablets exceed the sales of PCs by nearly four times by 2017. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Microsoft is trying to grow its presence in the mobile market despite the intense competition coming from archrivals such as Apple and Samsung.
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