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E-Commerce and SEO Tips for the Holidays

Christmas is always important to retailers as holidays sales can account for as much as 40% of a store’s annual revenue. Since many optimization tactics may take time to execute and see results for, you should try to get a head start as soon as possible if you run an e-commerce site. Below are 6 digital marketing techniques to gear up your SEO efforts for the upcoming holiday season:

  1. Update your product page

    Your Holiday page should include any special holiday products or promotions. Think about what updates your product pages need and which updates you can successfully implement before the holiday shopping begins. Put your holiday product detail pages closer to the home page so the search engine spiders can crawl and index the updated content.

  2. Holiday-Related Keywords/Keyphrases

    Use your holiday keyphrases and relevant terms in the product page’s URL, H1 tag, H2 tag, and unique product description. Analyze keywords that drove success last year and build a list of holiday themed keywords that you can use to create holiday-themed content.

  3. Create a Holiday Gift Ideas section/category for your site

    Many people search for phrases that include “gifts” during the holidays. So create a gift ideas page for your specific market, optimize it, and place it one click away from your homepage in order to maximize its page rank and give it the best opportunity to rank well.

  4. Optimize your content with your holiday Keywords

    Update your title tags and meta descriptions to include holiday promotions. If your promotions appear on search results, they will attract searchers to enter your site.

  5. Publish Holiday Pages Early

    You can publish a landing page with a coming soon banner to drive interest and give search engines time to index the page while you upload holiday products to the new categories.

  6. Promote your landing page in the Blog, Email, Social Properties

    Promote your landing page through your newsletters and social channels. Encourage shoppers to shop early. You can start sharing stories in your blog as the holidays come closer too.

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