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Recap of BC's First Ever Social Entrepreneur Failure Wake

Yesterday was BC’s first ever Social Entrepreneur Failure Wake hosted by SFU Radius and Vancity, celebrating the courage and determination of young social entrepreneurs. The event allowed 160 brilliant entrepreneurs and aspiring-entrepreneurs to share their stories on starting a social enterprise. The event encouraged interactions amongst attendees as well as the exchange of bright social ideas. Moreover, the Failure Wake event gave the stage to young social entrepreneurs such as Chantelle Buffie and Sonam Swarup of Fusion Kitchen to share their valuable experiences and tips on social entrepreneurship. Advice included know how to fail safe, keep your social purpose in mind, and enjoy the journey. In addition to these suggestions, we’ve also come up with five digital marketing tips that can help social entrepreneurs thrive in today’s digital space:
  1. Use content marketing.

    Content creation can help you spread your cause, attract frequent web visitors, and enhance SEO ranking. By producing quality content, you can convey your social cause to your audience and make them emotionally attached to your mission. This is integral for new social entrepreneurs as you’re trying to sell your dreams, not your products. Moreover, by continuously writing content and gaining popularity, you can boost your SEO ranking and brand awareness. This is also crucial for new social entrepreneurs as people can’t support you unless they’ve heard about you.

  2. Tweet daily.

    Once you’ve produced content, it’s vital that you proactively share them through Twitter. By tweeting on a daily basis, you can continuously engage with your supporters, local bloggers, non-profit organizations, and other important stakeholders with content that intrigues them. This will help you expand your network and possibly turn your supporters into chronic retweeters. Additionally, you’ll be able to further improve your SEO ranking.

  3. Build strong social networks.

    You can further share your vision, gain support, and increase brand awareness by developing rapports with stakeholders through social networks. By commenting on other social organizations, for-profit companies, and magazine writers’ Facebook and Twitter pages, you can foster meaningful conversations and build long-term relationships that will help you share your philanthropic view in the future. This is imperative in the beginning stages of social entrepreneurship as word-of-mouth is the only way for you to gain recognition.

  4. Cut costs with Google products.

    You can eliminate various marketing costs by using free Google products. With tools such as Google Analytics, Gmail, and Google Drive, you can host a central data-storage space and analyze your marketing performance completely for free. Furthermore, you’ll be able to become equipped with ample features that will robustly help you thrive in today’s digital age.

  5. Get on Places for Business.

    You can increase your brand awareness by creating a Google account for Place for Business. This feature enables you to have a phonebook-like listing on Google Search and Google Maps. If you’re trying to gain recognition locally and hoping more local residents can find you through the Web, this is definitely the most useful tool as 97% of consumers search for local companies online.


Social entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular today as more and more young philanthropists are devoted to remedying various global issues. With the assistance from resourceful programs such as SFU Radius, social entrepreneurs are slowly transforming their ideas into reality. With the power of digital and social media, anyone can start a social enterprise to create a better tomorrow.