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How Well Does Your Homepage Convert?

Your homepage is the first encounter many customers have with your business. How important is it to make a good first impression? 75% of web users admit to making judgments about the credibility of an organization based on the design of its website. Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility, ..... Read more

Conversion Optimization

You’ve worked really hard to collect customer testimonials for your website. Testimonials have been one of the most effective ways of demonstrating the quality of your product or service to potential buyers. But recent studies show that with shoppers going online to do research, testimonials might not be as powerful as before. Read more

Generating Blog Post Ideas

Blogs can be a great asset to your business’ website because they are a way to connect with potential and existing clients. However, it can be a struggle to come up with fresh content on a regular basis. The content should be determined by the purpose of the blog, and here are a few tips for generating ideas. Read more

How to Create an Effective E-Mail Newsletter

You’re set up with a MailChimp account. You have a template designed. You have a mailing list in place. You’re ready to begin your newsletter campaign. Now what? E-newsletters are still the Internet’s best tool for supplementing a website. But to convert your contact list into customers you can engage with, you need an effective newsletter. Read more

Social Sharing Analytics: How To Measure Blog Visitor Engagement

If you want to build natural links and promote your content on social media networks, you need to make sharing easy. It seems every blog has a different sharing widget and it can be confusing to find the best option available. I recommend using AddThis and the reason is because of the flexible customization options and extensive social sharing analytics it provides. Read more

Cost Analysis: Starting A Retail Store Vs. An Online Ecommerce Business

In this challenging economy, how you promote and position your business will be key to your success. For many entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their products and services to a wider audience, a common question is should you start an offline or an online business, or both? Statistics show that 4 out of 5 businesses fail. This means that if you're going to succeed in business, you need to understand what your customers want by measuring how they respond to your products. Read more