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Advertisers’ New Best Friend: “Smart” Recycling Bins

UK-based company Renew has developed "smart" recycling bins that detect passing smartphones' Wi-Fi signals as a potential way to serve targeted mobile ads, says an article by Mashable. These bins not only can display ads on their digital screens, but also gather info on mobile users who pass by. While the bins can’t specify the identity of the smartphone owners, they can determine the phone’s manufacturer and model (i.e. Apple or HTC), as well as the direction that the smartphone user is going. The bins can also recognize whether the same mobile user walks by again the next day, or later that month. With these features, advertisers can engage in targeted advertising by showing ads to a targeted group. Examples are displaying ads to only iPhone users or mobile users that are passing by the bins for the first time. And if mobile users want to opt out on the tracking, they can do so on Presence Orb’s website, as the company handles the analytics for the bins.

With 1.5 billion mobile users globally, developing the best mobile advertising platform will be the source of competition amongst many advertising businesses for the foreseeable future. The mobile advertising space is projected to make $20.6 billion by 2015 and this number will most likely rise as mobile advertising continues to gain its popularity. That said, many companies such as Google have responded to this growing trend by rolling out new mobile ad features of their own, such as targeted ads on Google Maps. Other tech giants such as Twitter have also joined the competition by enabling companies to pay to promote tweets based on geography. Needless to say, whoever reigns the mobile advertising space will become the new face of the technology and business sectors.
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