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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post for $250 Million

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased Washington Post for $250 million, according to an article by The Globe and Mail. This is the latest acquisition in the recent flurry of media deals. The motives for the acquisition are currently unspecified, but sources say the unprecedented financial challenges that newspapers face are the main influencers for this deal. It is also reported that the Washington Post will remain a separate entity from and its journalistic tradition will be preserved.
The line is quickly blurring between traditional and digital publishing. Many content marketing experts have suggested that marketers should learn how to create timely, relevant, and interesting content from traditional publishers. And despite increased digital news consumption, traditional publications remain the main source of trustworthy content for many readers regardless of final delivery format. Perhaps by working together, traditional and digital publishers can develop new value propositions that are beneficial to both readers and advertisers.
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