5 Best Apps and Websites for Digital Marketers

5 Best Apps and Websites for Digital Marketers

It’s difficult to browse through the vast amount of apps and websites and find the appropriate tools that satisfy your personal and business needs. Here are 5 apps and websites that’ll boost convenience in your personal life and efficiency at your workplace.
  1. Pocket

    It’s difficult to find time to read through the various fascinating articles we come across over social media immediately. With Pocket, you can save articles, or Pocket them, and immerse in them when you have a chance. Pocket is available on Chrome, iTunes and Google Play.

  2. PressReader

    If keeping up-to-date with the latest news is important to you, then PressReader’s catalogue of 2,300 newspapers will surely satisfy your craving. Although you will still have to pay applicable subscription fees for the newspapers, PressReader’s wide availability of publications will make searching for content faster and easier. You can download the app on iTunes, Google Play, BlackBerry World and Win7 and Win8 stores. There’s also a PC version

  3. Buffer

    If managing social networks and measuring your marketing performance is one of your top job responsibilities, then Buffer, a social media dashboard, is the perfect tool for you. This app enables you to see the number of retweets, favorites, mentions, and potential reach of your message. If your tweet has a link attached to it, you can even see the number of clicks it receives. Moreover, you can add social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to the dashboard and get similar analytics data. The app is available on Chrome and Google Play

  4. Bit.ly

    This website not only helps you shorten urls, but also gives you analytical data on the links’ performance. For instance, if you were to shorten a link and post it on Twitter, you can see the number of clicks the url receives, when the clicks happen, and the visitors’ geographic location. You can even compare your link’s performance with others who have also shortened the same url and shared it on their social profiles. You can download Bit.ly on Chrome or visit its website.

  5. Visual.ly

    There’s nothing more attractive to your clients or readers than a visually-appealing, easy-to-follow infographic. With Visual.ly, you can create an infographic for $999 that can be shared on social media, remain on the Internet indefinitely, and be shown to clients. To get started, all you have to do is set up an account and send your ideas to Visual.ly. Visual.ly available as a web service.




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