in·flu·ence: noun \ˈin-ˌflü-ən(t)s,: the effect that a person or thing has on someone’s decisions, opinions, or behaviour or on the way something happens.
14 Jun 2012
We can’t all be Number One on search engine results pages (SERPs). But sometimes just getting on the first page is good enough if your listing manages to stand out.
8 Jun 2012
If you love Google Analytics as much as we do, your fondest wish is that you could have it track all your digital marketing activities such as content marketing
22 May 2012
In Part 1 of this series on Mobile-Friendly Web Design, we discussed the different approaches available for making your website
14 May 2012
Our previous blog post, Why Marketing to Mobile Users Matters, provided overwhelming evidence that mobile device users of Smartphones and tablets actively rely on those devices a
25 Apr 2012
From the company that made web analytics free comes a novel service that combines consumer research with monetization of Internet content.
12 Apr 2012
There is no doubt that websites offer companies many opportunities to gather information about their visitors. When users ‘register’ they give away contact details to make a purchase, download a white paper, or watch a webinar.
27 Mar 2012
If you need yet another reason to invest in social media, here’s one: search engines are evolving to favour social media.
29 Feb 2012
Remember those guidelines for writing press releases? Start with the most essential information in the lead paragraph: the who, what, when, where and how of why this is a newsworthy announcement. Then move on to information that substantiates the lead paragraph.
17 Feb 2012

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