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Survey Shows What Executives Want from Social Media

Facebook may be the largest social network and Twitter may be tops for generating leads, but Forbes reports a recent survey by DHR International has found that business executives prefer LinkedIn. The study found that awareness of all social platforms has improved over the past three years, and that most executives use social media daily. The executives reported they would use social media more if it were helpful to their business, if they were actively looking for a new career opportunity, or if the items learned were of consistently high value, among other reasons.

The results of this survey outline the primary types of content marketers should provide over social media, whether their target market are executives or not. Valuable, high quality content such as ebooks, whitepapers, videos, blog posts, webinars, and other resources are what will attract followers to your social profiles and extend the reach of your brand. Social media users don't want to use their time to read advertisements and self-promotional comments, they want content that helps them do their jobs and live their lives. Provide them with that, and they will return to your social feeds again and again. And if you're looking to hire an executive, it seems you can do that over social media, too.

Read more about the DHR survey on Forbes' website.