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Canadians Love Online Video. Are They Watching Your Brand?

Canadians are the second largest consumers of online video after Britons, according to a comScore study reported by The Globe and Mail. The report found that we watch an average of 25 hours of online video per month via computers, connected TVs, and mobile devices, and that online video consumption continues to increase. The Globe article also reminds us that Facebook recently weighted videos more strongly in users' news feeds and that YouTube recently launched OneChannel, which improves the look of video channels and improves their display across devices.

Video is the most shared content type and an important part of the marketing mix for any business. Brands can use video not just for ads but for product demos, how-to videos, coverage of conferences or tradeshows, recruitment purposes, and introductions to their company and culture. Creating online video doesn't have to be expensive or difficult; it's as easy as using a smartphone to record a demo or interview, or using animation to create a clean, simple instructional video. Online video is a medium that truly engages Canadian consumers, and considering that its use and access continues to increase, it's time for all brands to think of ways to integrate video into their content marketing strategies.

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