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Digital marketing interview with BungoBox Canada Franchise Owner

Digital marketing interview with BungoBox Canada Franchise Owner

Tracey Morrison is an owner at BungoBox Canada. Together with her partners, she is changing the way people move by marketing a new environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective moving box. Her consulting business, Morrison Marketing & Communications, has implemented marketing programs for clients in clean technology and venture capital. During her tenure as VP Marketing for GrowthWorks Capital, she promoted investments in start-ups with innovative products. Today, Tracey answers questions about the challenges of promoting products/services that require some customer education. Read more

What #ExploreTweetsOnBing Means to Marketers

Bing and Twitter have just formed an exclusive partnership to launch hashtag and Twitter handle search features on Bing. The features will let users use Bing to find tweets that contain specific hashtags. To find tweets that include targeted hashtags, enter in the search box the hashtag you want to identify. Read more

Google Rolls Out Adwords Distance Reporting & Location Bidding Controls

Google announced last week on its Adwords Google+ page the roll out of a new Adwords report and bidding options based on the distance to the searchers’ locations. The new report and targeting options are meant to “provide new insights and an easier way to enhance performance around each of your business locations”. The new Adwords report and targeting options are specifically tailored around the location extensions. With location extensions, advertisers are able to display their business locations directly in their ads, which allow them to “geographically target people located near the addresses in [their] location extensions, as well as set different bids for these potential customers”. Read more

Why You Should Also Increase Your Social Media Budget

Last month Ad Age and RBC Capital Markets jointly performed a major survey on marketers’ attitudes toward social media. The survey polled 1,682 executives at marketing, agency, and media companies to get their opinions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Here are two key findings. Read more

The Best Way For New Grads to Find a Job

Jackie Montag is five months into her dream job and without hesitation says “I love what I do”. She is a business development manager for a tech company in Waterloo, Ontario. She’s also a recent grad and went through a lot of confusion, rejection and struggle to get where she is today. Read more