4 Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Dental Clinics

Dentists who track patient value report that the average new patient is worth $1,200. Over a lifetime of 20 years, this can represent $20,000 per active patient. Therefore it’s worthwhile for dental clinics to take a proactive approach to finding and keeping new patients. Fortunately, Gen X and Y actively use social media, making social networks powerful, cost-effective platforms to attract and retain clients. Read more

Top 10 Digital Marketing News from Last Week (July 28)

Grab a cup of joe, sit back, and enjoy last week's top 10 digital marketing news: Americans Now Spend More Time on Facebook Than They Do on Their Pets Vancouver Homeless Campaign Generates Buzz Worldwide Facebook Now Makes 62% of Its Ad Money in Mobile: What the New Earnings Me Twitter Takes on ..... Read more
Digital marketing interview with BungoBox Canada Franchise Owner

Digital marketing interview with BungoBox Canada Franchise Owner

Tracey Morrison is an owner at BungoBox Canada. Together with her partners, she is changing the way people move by marketing a new environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective moving box. Her consulting business, Morrison Marketing & Communications, has implemented marketing programs for clients in clean technology and venture capital. During her tenure as VP Marketing for GrowthWorks Capital, she promoted investments in start-ups with innovative products. Today, Tracey answers questions about the challenges of promoting products/services that require some customer education. Read more