Marketing to Generation Z

Marketing to Generation Z

Understanding your audience is a critical requirement in developing marketing content. Mashable recently published some tips on how to appeal to Generation Z audiences. With the barrage of information that this population is exposed to on a daily basis, here are three ways B2C marketers can cut through the clutter and resonate with this group of consumers.

  • Be Concise

    Resist the urge to create a dissertation. If it is too complicated, readers will skip over it. There needs to be a balance between speed and depth. If you want to convey a longer message, consider adding a link to the full content into the body of your message. Buffer has a helpful infographic on the optimal lengths for web content across different mediums.

  • Leverage User Generated Content

    User generated content makes up a large part of the material that is currently on the web. According to Octoly, user-generated YouTube videos about a brand earn over 10x the number of views than official, brand-published videos. Instead of putting resources into creating all-new content, marketers can encourage users to create content or curate existing content

  • Respect Privacy

    Privacy is currently a significant hurdle for marketers. Generation Z consumers have become increasingly aware that their purchase behaviours are being tracked and have begun to adopt social networking platforms that are geared towards privacy protection, such as Snapchat and Wickr. Marketers can use these tools for engagement or for advertising. One drawback to using such platforms, however, is limited reporting statistics. Despite this, brands should consider the opportunities that these networks present.

Overall, companies need to develop a clear strategy for publishing content for Generation Z audiences. By being concise, making use of user generated content, and moving to platforms Gen Z audiences trust, marketers can increase user interest and foster engagement.

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